Living in a starless city can make you feel a little blue once in a while. TGFFL – Thank God For Fairy Lights – that will rescue us from the darkest nights or being a gloomy starsick. Those hankering to give their space a remarkable effect, the string lights can easily transform your humdrum home to a more welcoming and warm space. Providing a magical illuminating glow, the lights will evoke the glowing charm any night needs. Here we’ve curated a few ideas for how to decorate your space with fairy lights just so you can bring romantic flair and a delightful accent to your home.

Hero and featured image credit: Oh beauty Interiors

Photo wall 

Image credit: By Tezza

There’s no denying that most of us are addicted to the ‘gram life. Those who want to create an instagrammable spot in your space, making a gallery wall out of your white-washed wall is a budget-friendly and cool way to keep your home stylish. Hanging starry lights around it also helps add a sparkle to your abode.

Put stars in your bedroom 

Image credit: Instagram

By draping them vertically on the wall, on the ceiling or twirling them around your bed’s headboard, fairy lights can easily a bring star-like effect to your bedroom –making your rest time more welcoming and romantic.

Indoor Plant 

Image credit: Instagram

For the jungalow devotees, your space is already home to many indoor plants. So why not make them extra by adding fairy lights? Simply wrap the LEDs around your trees and get ready to have that eye-catching effect in your home.

Glimmering Jars

Image credit: Wayfair

Those who have got no space to hang lights, simply place your fairy lights inside a jar or wrap them around a tall glass jar for an illuminating glimmer effect.

Living Room

Image credit: Oh beauty Interiors

Accentuate your living room with string lights by weaving them around your wall or the underside of your bookshelf to create a beautiful light display at the heart of your home.

Glowing Mirror

Image credit: Oh beauty Interiors

This one’s for all the ladies. Kick your beauty time up a notch by decorating your mirror with fairy lights. Undoubtedly, this is an easy way to make your make-up and dressing time glitter with glow.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
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