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#HomeInspo: how to craft your own home library (because really, you need one)

Bookcases aren’t meant to be found just in libraries. Put simply: our own beloved stacks of books need a home for themselves, too. And if you are a true bookworm like we are, having a reading nook at home can allow you to comfortably appreciate words on a page whilst still laying on your favourite sofa and sipping on homey hot brews. It is the ultimate haven for any book lover.
So for those hankering for some fresh home library inspiration, here we’ve curated an inspiring gallery of cosy slash captivating home libraries to get you started on planting the seed for creating a personal book display at home.

Featured image credit: Unsplash/Jonathan Borba; hero image credit: Unsplash/Alvaro de la Rica


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Image credit: Unsplash/Jonathan Borba

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Image credit: via Pinterest/Linda Friedrich

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Image credit: via Pinterest/Random House

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Image credit: Unsplash/Michael D Beckwith

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Image credit: via Pinterest/Linnea Gustafsson

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Image credit: via Pinterest/Hadley Court – Interior Design Blog

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Image credit: via Pinterest/Mejji Smith

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Image credit: via Pinterest/Robin’s Nest

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Image credit: via Pinterest/lisa lindborg

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Image credit: via Pinterest/Grandma’s House DIY

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Image credit: via Pinterest/Grandma’s House DIY

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Image credit: via Pinterest/Iona Pannett

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Image credit: via Pinterest/Jordania Leonjordan

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Image credit: via Pinterest/Chloe Alysse | Chlo & Clothes

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Image credit: Instagram/mortgagebrokerla

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