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Our 6-step guide to achieving the jungalow home of your dreams

If you’re someone who always swoons over a jungalow-style home or better yet, you fancy the idea of having a cosy treehouse in the middle of this city’s concrete forest but don’t know how to go about it, then fret not as we are here to satisfy your jungalow needs.

Combining the words “jungle” and “bungalow”, Jungalow is basically a synonym for treehouse. But in the interior design world, jungalow is a plant-inspired home style or as many like to think of it, an urban tropical paradise.

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As messy and complex as it may seem, the Jungalow home style might come as a surprise to many as, contrary to popular belief, the combination of foliage-themed objects, vivid colour palettes and differing textiles can come together in stylish harmony. But really, the core essence of the jungalow style simply lies in a few main elements that are found in colours, textiles and lush plants. So in order for you to achieve the jungalow home of your dreams, we’ve curated a six-step guide featuring decor tips and tricks that won’t break your bank account. So it is that the leafy summer vibe is just a breezy step away.

Hero image credit: Unsplash/Jack Young; featured image credit: Dabito

(All featured image credit: Jungalow by Justina Blakeney)

1.Indoor Plants

Image credit: Dabito

Adding plants to your living space is the most significant part of achieving true jungalow charm. The leafy greens can add a tropical cheer to your room and look cool no matter where you put them. Low-maintenance indoor plants like kentia palm, peperomia, spider plant, aloe, rubber and succulents are great for anyone with no green thumb. Simply put the plants on an empty awkward corner, or stylishly on the table or by the TV. But for the plants that need direct light, put them by your windows to bask in sunlight without you having to worry if they’re getting enough of a tan during the day. Hanging plants like English Ivy or a leafy vine like pothos will keep your ceiling looking fresh and fabulous 24/7, too.

2. Colour Blast

Are you a colour addict? If you are, then the Jungalow-style can be your big-fat excuse to add some more colour to your home. As everyone knows, picking the right colour palette is not always easy. One easy way to decide is to look at the boldest colours in your furniture and decoration and then choose the colour schemes that fit your space most from there. And one perk about the jungalow theme is that colours are heavily used in this design so any vibrant hues that flow together beautifully will help add a cohesive yet eclectic energy to your space.

3.Textiles and Patterns

Jungalow Home Style
Image credit: Dabito

Patterned rugs, textile fabrics, curtains, blankets and cushions all play a big part in the jungalow home style. So be bold and let your textiles take centre stage since it’s the mix-and-match technique that truly grants your home space with personal accents.

4.Tropical Wallpaper

Nothing screams the tropics like tropical wallpaper. Whether it’s the rich emerald palm leaf wallpaper or the colourful botanical-printed one, the tropical motif will add a dose of alfresco air to your space. These wallcoverings will also make a bold jungalow statement and create a cohesive, attractive space as soon as you put some plants next to it.

5.Woven Furniture

Add a touch of natural accents by using the hand-woven rattan or bamboo furniture and decor. Rattan chairs can bring a soft, vintage look to your home on top of adding a cosy, grandma-vibe to your space.

6.Vintage Objects

Vintage stuff can complement any textile or patterned fabrics you use in your house. For example, an ancient gold Moroccan lamp will look gorg next to your leafy plants. And antique furniture like a dark wooden table, chairs, or a Victorian sofa will just look fab among the greenery within your home.


Our 6-step guide to achieving the jungalow home of your dreams

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