Looking for a way to make your room a sleep sanctuary? Here’s our guide to bedding materials that will help to transform your okay-ish bed to a sleep-worthy one that will both support your body as well as comfort you right up for a blissful sleep.

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There are various types of mattresses: memory foam, pillow top, hybrid, latex, gel foam, airbed, innerspring, and more. So picking the right mattress you will love to snooze on is the first step to getting your dream comfy bed. The innerspring mattress gives reliable support and plush, bouncy comfort whilst the hybrid mattress offers re-energising sleep through its quality of contouring support and pressure relief. A newbie to the mattress world? Check out Omazz for their extensive selection of mattresses and bedding sets. This Omazz Mattress – Earth Eco 5500, in particular, catches our attention with its middle-core topper crafted from natural soybean oil, air and purified water with the cover of organic cashmere velour fabric. Its all-natural materials aim to offer the healthy night’s rest we all need.

Bed Sheet

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Many will argue that bed sheets are unnecessary, when in fact, this thin layer of fabric actually adds an extra layer of fluffy texture to your bed as well as keeping your mattress clean and germ-free. If you’re someone who’s totally anti bedding bacteria, covering your mattress with a bed sheet is a must-do.

Comforter and Blanket

Throwing in a comforter and blanket is an easy-peasy way to turn your bed into a restful retreat. Aim for the comforter if you want an extra, fluffy, velvety bed that will welcome you to snooze and snore on. We especially adore the Eco-Fur Blanket by LOTUS. Made out of eco-friendly materials, the softly textured blanket in its warm shade is a sheer delight that provides an ultra-soft touch and casual look to your bed. The blanket is also designed to have unique technology to absorb warmth during winter and store coolness during summertime.


Spruce up your bed with comfy plush pillows. They are the elements of comfort and style that will totally make a beautiful bedscape. Although you should always opt for the ones with versatile looks, going for a pillow that actually supports your head while you’re asleep is also very crucial as it will ensure the quality of your sleep. Latex pillows will be your sure-fire choice thanks to their supportive qualities. This type of pillow boasts firm-yet soft-to-the-touch feel that will relieve any neck and shoulder pain. And if you’re not in the know already of where to get it, try Dunlopillo as they offer an array of latex pillows for you to choose from.

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