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Weekend muse: why buying kitchenware on Instagram is our new favourite thing

Whilst it was formerly the bedroom, it appears that the kitchen has now become the hottest room in the house. 

Lockdown or not, there’s no denying that we’re all giving our homes a little TLC as we’re spending more time indoors. We’re also cooking a lot more (and sharing that we’re cooking a lot more on Instagram), and so a whole need and demand has arisen for beautiful kitchenware

Yet whilst we used to roam department stores and interior decor haunts (and maybe even JJ market) for all of these things, options were pretty limited when shops were forced to close. We’re excited to see these open again, despite constant scanning and location tracking, but we’ve also started a love affair with another shopping platform meanwhile. 

Kitchenware on Instagram: did you know this was a thing? And did you know this was a great thing? 

Here, we’ve put together a selection of kitchenware we’ve found on the ‘gram, with plenty more where they came from. Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly?), there is actually a massive market for homeware on Instagram in Bangkok. There’s a lot of ceramics and a lot of Korean and Japanese interior design goods. What’s even greater about the whole shebang is that there’s oft a unique piece you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. 

Whether you’re on the lookout for the perfect breakfast plate or are simply seeking some new home inspo, scroll ahead for some of our top picks. And then feel free to explore for yourself. A whole world awaits. 

[Featured Image Credit: @winkwink_homedecor/Instagram; Hero Image Credit: Flo/Unsplash]

Is there a more elegant way to serve pancakes than on a scallop edge plate (POA)? Of course there isn’t. A great set for sweet treats, here’s a beautiful way to serve up brunch on a Sunday.

If you’re missing the beach and it’s a long five days until your weekend trip to Hua Hin, a seashell glass plate (POA) is the best way to satisfy your wanderlust. A charming addition to a nightstand for jewellery or a few light bites pre-dinner.

We’re not sure how this may affect your cocktail, but we’re curious to find out. For all those who think ice cubes made from water are so passé, try these stainless steel ice cubes (THB 540 for six cubes). Very futuristic. 

Here’s one for the illustrators amongst us. Featuring a playfully minimalist drawing of a sandwich, this plate (THB 290) is a sweet way to serve up a midday snack, morning bite, or — just for laughs — an actual sandwich. 

Unleash your wild side at tea time with this tiger tea cup (THB 490). Featuring a vicious (yet also wholly adorable) tiger print on a pastel pink cup, it’s a great way to add a tropical touch to that afternoon cuppa. 

6 /15

This one isn’t strictly kitchenware, but something about these glum face vases (THB 450) had us itching for the Promptpay button. Adding a lot of edge to your regular vase, it’s a really cheeky way to brighten up any room — with or without flowers.

7 /15

If you enjoy living life on the edge, let it be reflected in your glassware. We love this tilted glass (THB 300) for the sheer illusion of it being on the verge of falling off whatever surface it may be positioned on. Asymmetric, contemporary, and very cool. Keeps it real. 

We all know somebody who needs this bowl (THB 490). A perfect companion to midnight snacking, it’s hard to imagine how we ever ate instant noodles before this bowl. Designed to fit exactly one packet of instant noodles, it’s a beautiful piece of crockery where form really follows function (there’s a bowl lid for when you wait for your noodles to cook). You could also eat other meals from this dish, but why would you want to?

9 /15

It’s easy for heavily patterned plates to feel overwhelming to eat from. Bringing a splash of colour that is in no way intimidating, we love these colour plates (THB 290 each) for their unassuming yet uplifting vibe. 

10 /15

Regular egg cartons just don’t cut it anymore. This egg holder (THB 250) may only hold half a dozen eggs at a time, but it delivers plentiful in design points. A great way to bring your organic eggs to shine. 

11 /15

Minimalist and yet highly functional, this metal holder (THB 280) attaches onto your tap so that your soap is always in near reach. Add hand cream or oil to the stand as well, and keep those paws nourished. 

12 /15

Is it a llama? Is it an alpaca? Is it a kangaroo? These are all the questions you could ask yourself while eating watermelon from this animal plate (THB 550). Bright and cheery.

Ceramic and warm wood are a beautiful match for any kitchen. This lemon squeezer (THB 440) will ensure your lemon juice is not only the freshest, but the most beautifully presented, too. Pictured here, we also love the mortar and pestle set. Every Thai home needs a mortar and pestle set.

Whilst we’re still on the wall about whether you should put ice cubes in wine, we’re all for this wine chiller bucket (THB 1400-1600). The one with the deer antlers for handles has something opulent about it, and is very reminiscent of winter time festivities. 

Looking for a way to elevate your desserts? Present them inside a glass cake dome (THB 420). No matter the taste, you’ll score high on ‘grammability, and if we’re entirely honest, in this day and age, that’s half your diner’s satisfaction anyway. Shop on. 

Weekend muse: why buying kitchenware on Instagram is our new favourite thing

Lisa Gries

Creative Content Director, Bangkok

Lisa is the Creative Content Director at Lifestyle Asia Thailand. When she’s not knees-deep in web algorithms, editorial calendars, or traffic-driving strategies, you’ll likely find her in downward-facing dog at the yoga studio, or immersed in conversation at a secret bar in China town. Lisa writes mostly on dining, travel, and pop-culture, and is a huge fan of soup dumplings, Riesling, and power napping — in exactly that order.

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