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8 unique designer plates for your dining table

Whenever we’re not dining out, we always not-so-secretly wish that our homemade dishes would look as stunning as the ones served in our favourite restaurants.

After all, there’s no denying that the presentation of a dish can really set the mood for a fantastic meal. But even if you’re not an all-star food stylist, picking the right plates can go a long way towards upping your in-home dining game. We’ve handpicked elaborate-looking pieces that will put the perfect finishing touch on your cooking creations. Not only will they enhance your food’s visual appeal, but they’d also make a great addition to any home decór. Whether you’re looking to host a family feast over the weekend or simply redecorating your dining table, these one-of-a-kind dishes will ensure you always dine in style.

[Hero image credits: Elizabeth Romhild Design; Featured image credits: Jeep Kongdechakul]

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Jeep Kongdechakul

With its artful lobster painting, this porcelain plate from Jeep Kongdechakul will invigorate your appetite even before the food is served. If you pay close attention to the details, you’ll see a recipe written on the dish, explaining different ways to cook the lobster; not to mention, the traditional Chinese patterns also add a gorgeous touch to its design.

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Elizabeth Romhild Design

If you’re searching for a luxurious designer dish that can evoke a sense of sitting in a fine dining restaurant, this Elizabeth Romhild Design’s Impromptu can satisfy your wish without having to leave the front door. Featuring unique abstract art, its intricate design is also accentuated by the monochrome colour palette, giving it a bold effect.

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A Clay Ceramic

Whether you’re throwing a party or hosting a casual meal at home, these plates from A Clay Ceramic are as practical as they’re chic. The dishware collection features doodle arts with a sleek golden touch that will instantly brighten up your dining space. To complete the décor statement, make sure you add matching metallic cutlery and a timeless vase with fresh colourful blooms, too.

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Kitchenwares Addict

Kitchenwares Addict offers a plethora of stylish dishware selections, but the standout pieces are undoubtedly the delicately patterned plates. With its dainty details, not only will they make a superb centrepiece for your table, but also a stylish decorative element on your walls. The polished blue-and-white colour scheme of these dishes will illuminate your dining room, as well as giving it a cool ambience.

Shop from Kitchenwares Addict 

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Lucky 13th

The simplistic look of this contemporary dishware collection from Lucky 13th can immediately add a clean, timeless look to your space. With sophisticated strokes and sensual swirls, the dishes exude understated, modern minimalist aesthetics, which will take your food appreciation to new heights. For a finishing touch, pair them with white linen napkins and crystal glasses.

From Lucky 13th

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If your family or guest members include small children, these pretty plates from CE’ HALO will give them a flurry of excitement. Cute and cheerful, the painted dishes are eye-catching with their adorable drawings and colourful shades. For visual interest, try styling the dishware with a striped table runner.


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Charm-Learn Studio

Charm-Learn Studio always surprises us with its unique handcrafted dishware collections, and this one is no exception. With a sculptural flower shape and sprightly red palette, these specially designed dishes will bring life to any dining space. The ceramic collection also comes with bowls that are perfect for your hot soups and morning oatmeal.

Shop from Charm-Learn Studio  

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For those looking for an elegant dishware collection for your next tea party, check out the ceramic plates from KEEP CALM AND EAT PIES, which are ideal for afternoon treats and pastry spreads. With its intricate, European-inspired designs, the charming set can easily set the stage for a fine high tea session. Add classic crochet tablecloths and fresh white roses for a neutral-hued feminine theme.



This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok on 24 July 2018.

8 unique designer plates for your dining table

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