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Add Easter charm to your home with these Easter-inspired centerpieces

There are more ways to bring a spring spirit into your home than simply just placing painted eggs around your abode. This year, let’s celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the blooming season with DIY Easter centrepieces that will spruce up your home with spring charm and flair. Here are 5 decoration ideas you can easily make at home to place anywhere in your home as you please.

Featured image credit: Jolie; hero image credit: Unsplash/Jez Timms

Egg Vase

Image credit: Pinterest/Ahbsessed

This wired vase featuring flowers, duck and chicken eggs invites a spring spirit into your home, making your space as cheerful as it is festive. Simply pick your favourite flowers and just mix and match the colours until you get to the scheme you adore. Of course stick to pastel colours like light pink, blue, aqua, purple and sea mint if you want to achieve the typical Easter palette. Whether this is displayed in your kitchen or living room, the egg-filled wired vase will be the perfect décor addition to lighten up your home with some amped-up vividness.

Easter Eggs

Image credit: Dreamy Whites

Apart from being a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, Easter is pretty much all about all-thing eggs. Think along the lines of hand-painted eggs, chocolate eggs and confetti eggs. So since eggs are going to be a part of your big holiday anyway, scatter them everywhere around your house. Plating multi-coloured eggs altogether on a cake stand and displaying it on the living room’s table or even on a porch or balcony can add a colourful design to your home.

Tablecloths, placemats and napkins.

Image credit: The Neiman Marcus

Set a spring scene for an Easter feast with a pastel-shaded dinner table set. Cloak your dining table with a cheerful tablecloth and placemats whilst giving each of your guests colourful napkins to strike for a festive Easter feel.

Carrot Vase

Image credit: Jolie

A good bouquet of blooms never goes out of style but it does get a little bit boring over time. This Easter, why not provide your home with a new, refreshing carrot vase to adorn any space of your abode with a sense of crisp spring. Arrange whole carrots with attached green leaves into a clear vase and voilà, you’ll have yourself a centrepiece that will splash your room with a bright orange-ish glow.

Bunny it up

Image credit: Driven By Decor

Bunnies are the crucial part of Easter; the fluffy little creature are a symbol of new life and rebirth (like spring) since rabbits naturally have a high reproduction rate. So whether you have a rabbit doll or a statue, add it to your table, garden or patio to dress up your space with a touch of whimsy.

Add Easter charm to your home with these Easter-inspired centerpieces

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