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Rug decorating ideas to spruce up your home

If you think a rug hardly qualifies as a novelty item, these rug decorating ideas will surely change your mind. There’s so many ways a rug can complement and develop your home space.

In contemporary interiors, there’s no denying that the rug has been reimagined in many ways, translated as a way to enliven a room’s décor, furthermore making a bold statement about the type of lifestyle and luxury the home owner is accustomed to. These heavy and in many cases handwoven cloths no longer exist just to give comfort beneath our feet; designing your room with rugs or integrating them into your space helps create a focal point to your room and is, in fact, one of the best ways to dress up your floors, walls or any area you place them.

On Beds, doors, walls, floors, whether you decide to lay them down or hang them up, here’s a few tips and tricks on how to ace your rug game and set your home décor on fire in no time.

Featured image credit: Carly Summers and Cody Ulrich; hero image credit: Unsplash/Dane Deaner

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On the wall

There’s no hard rule saying that a rug only belongs on the floor. Hanging a beautiful vibrant vintage rug on the wall is equally praised as an awe-inspiring piece of art that will help spruce up your home’s boring beige or pale white walls. The best part? You can finally say goodbye to the sky-high prices of a painting.

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Living room

Adding patterns from Moroccan, Turkish, or Peruvian-style rugs on your bare floor will imbue a sense of playfulness and add a spark of visual interest to your living space.

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Those hankering to add a dash of colour and a cool style to your minimalist bedroom, placing colourful geometric designs or a floral motif rug on the floor, or simply draping it on the bed can perk up the vibe of your bedroom, infusing it with a spirited sense of energy.

Image credit: Carly Summers and Cody Ulrich

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Let’s be honest. Nobody wants a bland and flat bathroom when hours of our days can be spent in there doing our business. Go with oriental rugs or kilims since they are effective at absorbing water and dampness.

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Dining room

Spice not just your dishes, but also your dining space to create more of a warm and happy atmosphere for any wine and dine session. This will make your guests go ooh and aah as soon as they walk through the door.

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Alfresco area

Adding a statement rug to an alfresco dining area that’s lacking in excitement will lend a beautiful burst of colour and a friendly feel to the space. Try a tile area rug if you wish to embrace a boho-chic design in a hippie outdoor space.

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Rug decorating ideas to spruce up your home

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