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4 challenging high-Intensity workouts you can do at home without any equipment

Jump, stretch, bounce, and burn it out.

No doubt working out has been the new staying home activity for millennials. It’s been a couple of weeks and we can feel that restlessness giving you the urge to move around. So, why not head for a high-intensity workout that can get your body moving without the need to stepping outside. Shake off that excess energy with these challenging workouts that require no equipment at all.

[Featured and Hero Image Credit: Jonathan Borba/Unsplash]

Natacha Oceane

British biophysicist, sprinter, and Iron Man Natacha Oceane uses her YouTube channel to share videos approved by a GB Olympic athlete. One of her most recent, a 20-minute no-equipment HIIT workout is also no-impact and makes no noise, making it ideal for those who are worried about disturbing the neighbors. All you need is the space of a mat, and Natacha has included clear, timed intervals to make it easy to follow at home.


Husband-and-wife team Daniel and Kelli are the personal trainers behind the YouTube channel FitnessBlender, which can always be relied on for a challenging HIIT workout. There are already so many to choose from, but the duo have been posting some new content during the current lockdowns so you don’t have to keep repeating the same old workouts. The recent Intense at Home HIIT workout is a good option, as it needs no equipment, includes both a warm-up and a cool-down and has some low-impact modifications for those who want something a little easier.

The Body Coach

British trainer Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, was already a household name in the UK, but he has become even more popular during the COVID-19 lockdown thanks to his new series of videos, designed for kids to do at home so they don’t miss out on their school P.E. lessons. The ‘P.E. with Joe’ series can be found on his YouTube channel and is suitable for all the family, or those who want something that works up more of a sweat can choose one of his no-equipment, at-home HIIT workouts. There’s even a video series for seniors, so everyone at every age can keep moving during the confinement.

Heather Robertson

Certified personal trainer and fitness model Heather Robertson already specializes in at-home workouts for the followers of her YouTube channel and even has a section for low-impact, apartment-friendly exercise videos. Her most recent is the Low Impact HIIT Workout which has been designed to work the whole body. Or, to use this time in confinement to really boost your fitness, sign up for her free 12-week workout plan with videos that can all be done at home with minimal or no equipment.

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