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4 spa treatments in Bangkok combining technology with beauty
  • In all industries, technology is always a leading driver for change and innovation, the beauty industry is no different. Major beauty companies spend millions in research to create new solutions to meet customer demands. Many spas in Bangkok realise the significance of technology in the beauty world and have incorporated technological elements to their skin treatments. Technology can facilitate skin assessment so the treatments can be better tailored to your specific skin needs. Considering we don’t all have the same skin concerns–this makes perfect sense! Women and men today always want to look their best but don’t always have the time to follow the recommended skin regimen. Here’s a roundup of 4 spas in Bangkok that use innovative technology to help you ward off your skin problems more effectively and effortlessly.

  • Anantara Siam

Biologique Recherche Soin Oxygenant
Biologique Recherche offers a number of facial treatment options, from detoxifying to soothing for sensitive skin. Soin Oxygénant is designed to accelerate the skin’s natural renewal process to help those who live in polluted cities like Bangkok to ward off any pollution-related skin problems. The program begins with a thorough skin analysis using a cutting-edge skin scanner to see what specific areas of your face need extra help. In as little as 60 minutes, your skin’s radiance is restored from your face and neck down to your chest. The treatment focuses on detoxifying and oxygenising the skin, resulting in healthy, dewy skin.
Duration: 90 mins
Suitable for: Dull complexion due to pollution and environmental stressors in need of extra pampering
Price: THB 5500
Available at: Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel 

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  • RarinJinda at Grande Centre Point Hotel

    Lower body “workout” and facial lifting exercise
    Ultratone at RarinJinda Wellness Spa is intended to tone, firm, and tighten your skin’s muscle tone all over your body including your face using microcurrent technology. The machine comes with various settings that aim to stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production, to restore balance, and to improve circulation. For those who are looking turn back the clock and erase signs of fatigue, the facial program Ultraface Radiance is your answer. Increased circulation and improved muscle tone will give your face a refreshed look and glow that will leave your friends and family wondering what you’ve been up to. The reasonably priced body treatment program can enhance the benefits of exercising alone.

Duration: 30 mins per spot
Suitable for: Those who want to tighten and tone muscles on the body and face
Price: THB 900/spot
Available at: RarinJinda Wellness Spa at Grande Centre Point Hotel

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  • Dii Wellness Med Spa

    Venus Viva: “Uncover your natural radiance”

Venus Viva combines NanoFractional Radio Frequency and SmartScan technology to effectively treat textural irregularities. There is surprisingly zero pain involved in this treatment. The device glides onto your skin in an upward motion and gently warms the surface of your skin. The treatment can be done at any time as there is also no downtime required. You can resume your day and put makeup back on right away. VenusViva improves your skin texture and can help with acne scarring and pigmentation. The setting can be adjusted to treat different skin concerns. It is much more gentle than microdermabrasion but more effective than manual facial treatments. This effective anti-aging device can be repeated every 4-6 weeks for a younger-looking and healthier complexion.

Duration: 60 mins
Suitable for: People looking to improve the appearance of fine lines and skin elasticity
Cost: THB 8000
Available at: Dii Med Spa Asoke at Exchange Tower & Dii Med Spa at Central World

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  • Elemis Spa- St Regis Hotel Bangkok

    Lunchbreak beauty fix

Come experience the Elemis SkinLab if you’re looking to spruce up before an event or a reunion with old friends. The treatment combines state-of-the-art technology in facial mapping analysis and a private 10-minute consultation with a trained aesthetician to help identify your most pressing skin needs. The analysis includes a 3D detailed skin and facial mapping analysis using clinical imaging, which works by taking six different photos of your skin, allowing the specialist to identify any spots, UV damage, wrinkles, clogged pores, areas of sensitivity giving you an instant analysis of what skin type you are.

We had the chance to try out the Line Eraser Program, designed to stimulate your skin’s natural collagen production and we absolutely loved it.  The treatment begins with deep cleansing followed by a facial firming a massage using two microcurrent probes then LED red and blue lights are used to clear your skin while simultaneously boosting its collagen production. Elemis’ latest 5 in 1 machine used in your customised facial program targets your unique skin concerns to bring back your skin’s natural glow.

Duration: 60 mins
Suitable for: All skin types
Price: THB 5300++ (includes access to the common relaxation area)
Available at: St Regis Bangkok Rajdamri

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