Good looks with a good vibe.

Let’s admit it, we have all come across some sort of disruption in our daily routine before — whether it’s stress, emotional imbalance, or lack of sleep. And whilst we do often recover from these issues, it is important to find that ‘me time’ to pat ourselves on the back for all the hard work we’ve been putting ourselves through. Here are some ways you could adjust your grooming routine and turn it into a holistic ritual that will not only make you feel confident about your looks again but uplift your mood as well.

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Lighten your mood

Whether it’s the LED masks you’ve been trying out or simple exposure to Blue Light from your laptop screen, all these have become obstacles in promoting skin healing and regeneration.

Did you just see a breakout? Thankfully, there are on-the-go skincare gadgets that can help your skin go into a full zen mode whether you are in the office or on a date. The Dr.Dennis Gross Skincare’s ‘DRx SpotLite™ Blemish Reducer (Approx. THB 2,099) is a handy device that uses LED light technology and targets acne-causing bacteria by calming any redness or inflammation. You’ll see a difference in your skin within a couple of weeks.

Scent for success

Is the double espresso shot working for you? Do you need something stronger? Whilst caffeine might just be an instant boost, there is a softer way to bring clarity and focus to work. Think, a whiff of lavender or peppermint and rosemary. Essential oils can have a great psychological impact by a hint of their scent.

The Anatome Focus & Concentration Essential Elixir Oil (Approx. THB 1,328) is a great way to calm a busy mind. It’s enriched with soothing Holy Basil and stimulating Black Pepper Paraguay. Simply apply a drop or two to your pulse points throughout the day and embrace the ginger and cinnamon scent.

Give yourself a break

Sheet masks have definitely crossed your minds, and why not? It’s a nourishing way to brighten your skin with numerous benefits. Simply placing the sheet mask on your face and lying down for at least 15 minutes sounds like a great way to take some time out — but, constantly checking your phone in between doesn’t really work.

So, instead, it would be ideal to have a complete mindful experience. You should practice breathing exercises or any other breathing technique that could really help calm your senses. The 111SKIN Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask (Approx. THB 4,705) is the cure to those long-haul flights, dusty office air-cons, or long sun exposures. This Vitamin-C enriched mask comes in a small size to offer intense moisturisation and to say goodbye to those fine wrinkles. For this one, leave it on for up to 90 minutes.

Create the Vibe

Whether you are splurging into a ritual of self-care or just creating a soothing ambiance in your living room, scented candles can instantly lift your mood. Your scented candle can be rather personal, matching your taste in particular. Our fave? Byre do’s Bibliotheque (Approx. THB 2,349) enchants up wood paneling, leather-bound books, and well-thumbed pages.

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