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5 interesting fitness classes to try as gyms re-open in Bangkok

Aerial yoga, indoor bungee jumping, surfing, and more: here are five unique fitness classes you can try now that gyms and fitness centres are re-opening in Bangkok. 

It’s been a long wait for gyms, fitness centres, and sports clubs to reopen. While some of us have been crushing those at-home workouts and been consistent with those early morning yoga sessions, some have truly struggled to stay active during the lockdown period. 

Looking to get fit again? If regular gym classes don’t do it for you, here are five interesting and unique fitness classes to try to spice up your workout routine. 

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Aerial yoga or flying yoga has been around for quite a while now. Despite that, it’s still a popular choice among Bangkokians. It’s an all-in-one kind of workout, incorporating various fitness methods including yoga, pilates, dance, and aerial acrobatics. For those first hearing of this form of workout, the way it works is you exercise on a flexible, special hammock that hangs from the ceiling. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

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Have you always wanted to try bungee jumping but you’re also a bit afraid of heights? Consider trying indoor bungee workout classes. A low-impact high-intensity resistance cardio workout, bungee workout is a blend of acrobatic movements inspired by circus acts and dance choreography. If you’re a fitness lover and like challenging your body to exhilarating experiences, this one is a must-try for you.

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Although there are no beaches in the city, surfing is still an option. Whether you’re an amateur surfer or an experienced one, you can experience the art of surfing with a simulated surfing machine designed to replicate the actual surfing experience at Flow House Bangkok. No beach, no problem.

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If the debut of rock climbing during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics got you interested in the activity, consider opting for indoor rock climbing. Head over to the newly-opened Stonegoatclimb, a rock climbing gym with eighteen climbing routes on their ‘Island Wall.’ Apart from being suitable for climbers of all levels, there is also a bakery called Remy’s at the venue where you can indulge in drinks and bagels to reenergise after your climb. 

[Image credit: Stonegoatclimb]

If you don’t like spending several hours at the gym, consider exploring EMS training. A revolutionary technology designed in Germany, EMS training pivots on maximum effect in minimum time with assistance from highly-qualified trainers and individual instruction. Whether your fitness goal is to lose weight, tone your body, or build up your muscles, EMS training is a good fitness option. 

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