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6 home wellness gadgets for a healthy living space

Besides daily rituals, gadgets can also improve your wellbeing.

While we’re using the same four walls to be our office, our gym, our kitchen, our beauty salons, and whatever else, it’s clear that our homes must be adapted to sustain a healthy environment for us in the long term. Space-efficient, decor-fitting, and sanity-supporting are key features to look for as we seek out new helpful additions to our abodes. If you’re looking to create a true health haven to live in during these challenging times, investing in some home wellness gadgets is an absolute must.

From office equipment to sound therapy massage tools, here are 6 great gadgets to future-proof your home and give it the ultimate wellness makeover.

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It’s no longer a subject for debate: standing is indeed far better for your health than sitting. Particularly while we’re working long hours from home (where we may not all have the most ergonomic office furniture), sitting can do some serious long-term damage to your back, blood vessels, and posture. Working at a standing desk, however, helps keep you alert and energetic, supporting not just your health but also your productivity. This Cape Town originated standing desk from DeskStand takes wellness to yet another level by using therapeutic birch wood to give off more natural and soothing vibes for your home office. It makes work much more of a pleasure. 


It’s more important now than ever to make sure you’re eating a healthy diet. Air fryers are nothing new, but have become an incredibly effective and useful staple in any healthy kitchen. Being able to deliciously cook up meats, potatoes, tofu, vegetables and more without needing any oil means your dishes can still taste great without the unnecessary fat and calories. If you haven’t already got one, we recommend the South Korean brand LocknLock for a home wellness gadget that not only cooks fantastically, but also looks ultra chic on a kitchen counter.

This home wellness gadget may look small (and, yes, a bit weird), but it’s one sure way to take your home one big step further to becoming a cutting edge wellness spa. Combining Western science with ancient Chinese tradition, this little massage tool emits therapeutic sound frequencies to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, accelerate muscle recovery, alleviate stress, and more. It’s a drug-free, cord-free, non-invasive form of therapy that you can do anytime and anywhere. An innovative yet natural healing tool, this is probably one of the very few things that Elon Musk, a yogi, and a Kardashian would all approve of. 


Pollution is an ever-present issue we Bangkokians have to deal with. But while we’ve all got even more challenges to deal with right now (working from home, taking care of the out-of-school kids, and generally trying not to catch the widespread virus), take your concerns about bad air out of the equation by simply placing this BlueAir air purifier in your house. Its state-of-the-art Swedish technology means it’s a super efficient, silent, smart, and adjustable gadget that will keep your home fresh, clean, and breathable. What’s more, the sleek and stylish design doesn’t make it an eye-sore to have displayed in the house.

For a sweaty and swanky addition to your home workout routine, check out the sleek and minimal Xiaomi Walking Pad. A much more compact kind of treadmill, the walking pad helps to get your daily steps in from the comfort of your living room – without needing a big, chunky, and unsightly exercise machine. Don’t be fooled by its simple and minimal design: the walking pad features an LED screen to display your workout data, as well as a remote control and app. 

Japanese technology, zen, and cuteness all come together in this little hydroponic (meaning without the need for soil) gardening tool. A project developed by Tokyo-based Olympia Lighting Fixtures, the Akirina line of plant pots use cutting edge tuned wavlength LED “grow light” technology to produce optimised plant growth, even without sunlight. To start your own little vegetable garden inside the house, simply plant your seeds with their liquid fertiliser, turn the LED lights on after sprouting, and then harvest within 40 days. You can now grow your herbs and small vegetables right inside your kitchen, any time of the year. 

6 home wellness gadgets for a healthy living space

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