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7 eco-friendly refill shops to visit in Bangkok

Green living isn’t just a lifestyle, but a responsibility for all of us to preserve Mother Earth. That’s why refill shops should become a staple in your life.

Reuse, reduce, recycle. We hear this all the time but it’s easier said than done. It’s about kicking the habit, incorporating it into your lifestyle, and make it consistent. Don’t know where to begin? Luckily, Bangkok has several eco-shops that can make living an eco-friendly lifestyle a lot easier. Here’s a list of eco-friendly refill shops that you need to check out. Show up with your jars and fill them right up.

[Hero Image Credit: Refill Station / Featured Image Credit: ZeroMoment Refillery]

Refill Station is Bangkok’s first bulk store and the first place to trend-set the eco-friendly lifestyle in Thailand. From head to toe, they’ve got you covered with personal care, cleaning, and household supplies. They even offer various lifestyle products that are great alternatives to reducing unnecessary waste in your daily life. Plus, you can attend the workshops that they host regularly for their low-waste community as well. 

[Image Credit: Refill Station]

You have to bring your containers if you are visiting ZeroMoment Refillery. The concept is loud and clear here: saying no to plastic bags as customers are asked to bring their own ware. You’ll feel as if you’re in a mini supermarket with a wide array of products that they offer besides the refill supplies. Whether it’s oil, herbs, sauce, spices, snacks, grains, noodles, or pasta, your choices are limitless.

[Image Credit: ZeroMoment Refillery]

This is where a green station meets mouth-watering pizzas. Nestled within Delipizza Bangkok, Less Plastic Able is a bulk store and refill shop that offers more than just refill supplies and reusable items. Apart from the dry food, they also have organic produce and fresh dairy products. 

[Image Credit: Less Plastic Able]

Get Well Zone is where you’ll find more than just refill supplies too. Apart from refill products made for humans, refill products for your furry friends are offered as well, including pet shampoos and disinfectants. Tucked into the Zakka Shop and Cafe, you can refill your supplies here while enjoying your time with a drink to beat the afternoon heat.

[Image Credit: Get Well Zone]

Every corner and inch of Normal Shop is eco-friendly. Even the furniture here is made and delivered without packing to reduce the use of plastic materials. Hosting more than just the refill supplies and eco-friendly products that you can shop for, there is also a plant bar where customers can mix and buy their own potting mix. Plant and gardening lovers definitely can’t miss this.

[Image Credit: Normal Shop]

Tucked into a residential neighbourhood, Thermraks Refill Shop sets an example for green living for the people in the community. In addition to the refill corner, the shop has a recycling station where you can drop off used batteries and e-waste.

[Image Credit: Thermraks Refill Shop]

7 /7

If you live in the farthest west of Bangkok, you’re not left out. Lab space is perhaps the most convenient place for you. While this bulk store has everything that you need from a refill station, you can shop their eco-friendly products as well. Tumblers, growlers, and travelling tea sets are worth checking out.

[Image Credit: Lab Space]

7 eco-friendly refill shops to visit in Bangkok

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