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8 things you didn’t know Bangkok’s juicers were doing

We know the whole juicing fad that took Bangkok by a storm some years ago was met with different opinions. While some sing the praises of what a good juice cleanse can do, others argue that the drinks themselves are too sugary and many question whether such practices can be sustained by the individual. After all, once the cleanse finishes, don’t we all just go back to our old ways?

With that said, we are believers in taking the balanced approach to things. While doing a full on 5-day-cleanse might not be at the top of our agenda – think long meetings, big headaches and no coffee, how could you? – incorporating one real, cold-pressed juice into our daily diet or inserting a one-day cleanse into our weekly routine would probably be something we’d push for, purely because of the multiple health benefits. Speaking from personal experience, even after just one day, one of the things we noticed almost immediately was clearer skin, a real plus if you’re in the business of looking good. And it makes sense. After all, these juice gems are packed with goodness – nutrients, vitamins and minerals that we would not otherwise receive in our completely processed, modern-day diet.

So, we haven’t completely forsaken the idea of juicing. And while trying to investigate what else has been happening in Bangkok’s juicing world, besides the obvious new detox-sets and flavours, we stumbled across a number of other initiatives and things that Bangkok’s juicers have incorporated into their offerings. Here are 8 of them that you may not have known.



Okay, really? You’re looking for the best juices to purchase on Me Juice’s menu and you stumble across Homemade Kimchi?! First off, we aren’t complaining. Kimchi is probably one of the biggest favours you could do for your gut. Rich in vitamins A and C, and – because of its fermentation process – also rich in beneficial gut-boosting lactobacilli bacteria, kimchi is considered to be a vegetable probiotic food that contributes health benefits in a similar manner as other probiotic foods. Me Juice’s raw, probiotic and vegan Homemade kimchi (THB 80) is out of this world. Since purchasing, we’ve been having it with everything. Although this isn’t anything to do with juicing, this is definitely in line with what juicing seeks to achieve: better health.

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More veggie-centric

Gone are the days of pure fruit juices which can be a tad to sweet for our liking and may even result in sugar spikes verging on the dangerous. Just because it’s fruit doesn’t mean it’s safe and it’s just better to play it safe with more veggies. We’ve noticed, all round, that Bangkok’s juicers are giving more of a green offering these days, in the way of juices revolving around spinach, celery, green cos, cucumber, parsley and spirulina. All in all, things are looking a lot greener, as opposed to an overly sweet red, orange or yellow.


Cocktail-inspired juices

If, heavens forbid, you’re going through one of those phases where you’re trying to cut down on your alcohol consumption, RAW + Honest’s “virgin” flavoured juices are an absolute lifesaver. With flavours such as Pina colada, Grape mojito, Kiwi martini and Pineapple margarita (all THB 79), these might just ease the pain of your spirit-free days. By all means, add some alcohol to the juice if you so dare, knowing full well that this is at least a million times better than those cocktails that are made from fake, concentrate and sugary fruit juices. Baby steps!



Perhaps downing a whole 500ml bottle of bitter vegetable juice isn’t your thing. Perhaps you want all the perks that juicing can bring in terms of boosting energy, burning calories and fighting sickness, without actually having to drink tonnes of the stuff. Well, currently there are two juicers churning out elixirs designed to give you a quick fix of the good stuff. Our favorite has to be Me Juice’s tiny little bottles which automatically revitalise you. Taken much like a shot, flavours include: Tumeric, Wheatgrass and Indian gooseberry.

We’re also quite cool with RAW + HONEST’s elixirs, the brand’s organic drink that comes in a small (ahem – plastic) bottle and uses 100% natural ingredients such as cold pressed fruits. The drink is lightly carbonated and sweetened with organic honey, but we must say, if you haven’t got much of a sweet tooth, the drink can be quite overpowering. There are four flavours that all use filtered H2O, organic honey and lemon: Health + Energy (cinnamon-based), Relax + Burn (Butterfly Pea-based), Power + Detox (orange and activated charcoal) and (wow) Libido + Stamina (beetroot-based).  We would recommend the brand switches to glass bottles though, not plastic.


Nut Milk

Okay, so maybe you knew about these and maybe it seems like you’re cheating on your juicing diet, but when nut juices are done right, they are delicious and well worth the calories, considering how nutrient dense nut milk is. Our favourite nut-milk maker is, hands down, Lifestyle Juicery. Yes, their cold pressed juices are delicious, but my-oh-my, their Almond cashew wild-Honey cinnamon is probably one of the best things to happen to Bangkok’s juicing world. If juice cleanses featured only this drink – okay, maybe throw in the Cocoa almond cashew wild-honey cinnamon too – we could definitely do it. Definitely. Also available are matcha and charcoal flavoured almond milk too.

We also aren’t opposed to Make it Happen’s nut milk range, featuring Almond milk, Cocoa banana, Peace – Jasmine green tea inspired, Pink cloud and Wake up call – coffee and chia seed-inspired.


Ceramic straws 

Okay, so the “avoid using plastic straws” movement is finally hitting Bangkok’s juicing industry and we approve. Although, we’re not one to use straws with our juices anyway simply because, when you’re doing a full-on cleanse, chances are you’re really, really hungry and want to just engulf that juice instead of sipping it slowly in a lady-like manner. With that said, when we received a purple metallic ceramic straw along with our juices from Make it Happen, we were so happy, and now we’re using the straw with just about everything we drink. You can carry it around with you too and it’s super easy to keep clean. We’d also just like to make it known that Make it Happen is still our favourite Bangkok juicer by far. Not only is there branding super on point – with whisky-shaped bottles and witty names like Holy Shit!, Tooth Fairy and Into The Beet – but their juices just taste the most natural out of all the ones we’ve tried. #sidenote


Single Ingredient

We don’t know about you but we’re huge fans of the pomegranate fruit and we’ve rarely seen the fruit be used to its full potential in the Thai juicing market. With benefits that range from anti-ageing, an improvement in memory, protection of the skin against sun damage and the boosting of the body’s immunity, there’s a lot to be said about the pomegranate, besides its juciness. When you extract juice from the gem-like seeds from the fruit yourself though, your often left with a bitter taste from the white skin attached to the seed that you couldn’t quite scrape off. So when someone else is extracting the juice for you, consider yourself lucky! My Juice is, to the best of our knowledge, the only juicer in town right now selling pure and fresh pomegranate juice, packing a punch with a small 200ml bottle (THB 119). Another one they’re doing is grapefruit, a strange choice altogether as it’s not local to the Thai market. We’re wondering why they didn’t opt for pomelo instead?


Alkaline Water  

When’s the last time you consciously thought about the quality of the water your drinking? Be it filtered or from the bottle, the water we drink is still bound to have traces of acidity in it. And if you know anything about having a lot of acidity in your body, you’ll know that acidic PH levels provide optimum environments for diseases to thrive. Enter alkaline water, the answer to our prayers. Drinking this stuff automatically makes you feel better about life. We were very happy to see that Lifestyle Juicery includes several bottles of the stuff with their raw juicing blends. Also pretty cool is the brand’s Coconut H2o cinnamon, which actually comes with a cinnamon stick placed inside, an extra touch that goes a long way.



Hero image: Photo by Gabriel Gurrola
Featured image: Photo by Brooke Lark

8 things you didn’t know Bangkok’s juicers were doing

Catherine Napalai Faulder

Catherine is Bangkok born and bred and knows the angles of the city and its people very personally. You'll often catch her writing about the upsides of Thainess, the richness and diversity of Bangkok's third cultures and the true meaning of wellness.

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