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A letter from the editor: stay healthy, but stay inspired too

I am writing this from the balcony of my Bangkok city apartment. 

The temperature is definitely not cool enough to do so, and the light on my screen makes typing (or general vision) a little tricky. But I am trying to create an ambience here. I’m #WFH, but I am pretending to be alfresco at my favourite coffee shop. I am pretending to people-watch. I am — admittedly slightly delusional — pretending that all were as normal.

Yet of course, ‘normal’ is far from our reality right now. It’s been a little over a week since office buildings have shut, bars have closed, and even restaurants are not allowed to serve dine-in customers. Malls and department stores are no longer open, foreigners are not permitted to enter the country, and all in all, Bangkok city feels like a near oyster shell of itself. 

COVID-19 has swept over the globe like the pandemic we could have never seen coming, and as each day passes, becomes all the more serious. We’re trying to counteract this by staying in more and going out less, by practicing #SocialDistancing, and — it’s peculiar that I even have to mention this one — by not hoarding toilet paper.

[Hero and featured image credit: Arash Asghari/Unsplash]

This is not toilet paper, but you get the gist. Image Credit: Evan Krause/Unsplash

It is a trying time in our country and all around the globe, yet whilst we can acknowledge the gravity of the situation, we must not let it take from our spirits. 

After all, we are Bangkokians.

When in January the plastic bag ban was launched, we rocked up with wheelbarrows and buckets to shop at 7-11. When the Coronavirus began to spread at alarming rates, we came up with songs to encourage 40 seconds of hand-washing. And now, even as we’re staying home more and trying to flatten the curve, we’re coming up with creative methods (and memes) to keep ourselves safe, healthy, and entertained.

A Bangkokian always finds a way to make light of the situation. Image Credit: Evan Krause/Unsplash

At first, I thought it’d be a challenge; given that at Lifestyle Asia we’re always finding and sharing with you the best places to visit to have a great time. At first, I thought we could no longer do so. But I stand corrected. We can still be your guide to living the good life. In fact, we fully pride ourselves in being your guide to living the good life — no matter where you are. 

That’s why, in a somewhat special case edition, we’ve launched an exclusive microsite to give you a reason or seven to smile and seek stories, information, or just mere distraction during this time.

See you out there again soon. Image Credit: Andreas Brucker/Unsplash

We’ve called it Lifestyle Asia’s Good Life Guide to Staying In, where you’ll find snippets based around the best restaurant delivery services, how to perfect your downwards dog pose at home, and what cocktail to shake up for your next Netflix binge sesh. We’ll be updating the space every day in an effort to continue to bring you fresh content and fresh ideas, as well as supporting our warm community and dear friends in the industry.

It is a difficult time, yes. But if we all do our part, I know we will get through this one together with our heads raised, our sense of humour still in tact, and our hearts in the right place. Stay healthy, dear readers. Be kind to one another. Stay safe — but just as importantly: stay inspired.

You know where to head if you need a little spark for the latter. 

A letter from the editor: stay healthy, but stay inspired too

Lisa Gries

Creative Content Director, Bangkok

Lisa is the Creative Content Director at Lifestyle Asia Thailand. When she’s not knees-deep in SEO analysis or editorial calendars, you’ll likely find her in downward-facing dog at the yoga studio, or immersed in conversation at a secret bar in China town. Lisa writes mostly on dining, travel, and pop-culture, and is a huge fan of soup dumplings, Riesling, and power napping — in exactly that order.

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