Although Bangkok is not mere moments away from the plastic-free era, the city is gradually getting into the practice of using non-polluting products. And with a slew of restaurants in the city supporting the new plastic straw anti-culture, diners will casually encounter a variation of straw alternatives studded on their drinks.

So anyone who has a penchant for environmentally-safe products, here we’ve curated a collection of substitutes for plastic straw just to give you an idea of what reusable and biodegradable straws are available out there. Those hankering to become a green consumer, let’s get into this eco-friendly club.


Pasta Straw

Image credit: Instagram/payapate_


Metal Straw

Image credit: Instagram/beechyhead


Paper Straw

Image credit: Instagram/disneymagicfanatic


Bamboo Straw

Image credit: Instagram/clarity_craft_house


Lemongrass Straw

Image credit: Instagram/litterlessliving


Wheat Straw

Image credit: Instagram/whatawheat_straw


Morning Glory Straw

Image credit: Instagram/em_indy


Cinnamon Straw

Image credit: Instagram/hmc_vt__


Rose Stem Straw

Image credit:Instagram/foragerium


Glass Straw

Image credit: Instagram/


Colourful Metal Straw

Image credit: Instagram/jc_stainless.straw


Silicone Straw

Image credit: Instagram/buyskuuy

Where to shop for reusable and disposable straws: 

Beaker & Glass, Zero Waste Thailand, Broccoli Revolution, Organic Supply, Zero Moment Refillery, Grocery Suan Plu by El Mercado, Refill Station.


Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
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