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An essential oil for every stressful work-from-home situation you may face

Inhale the essential oil. Exhale the video meeting that should have been an email.

As we become more accustomed to working from home, and the initial marvel of conference calls, online brainstorming, and home office design has worn down, there’s no shame in admitting it can get stressful.

Maybe the internet broke down for the eighth time today. Maybe your screen share just won’t work. Or maybe your Lineman is waiting outside but you need to finish presenting before you can go out to greet him.

Who would have thought working from home could present so many stresses?

Always ones to look for wholesome and holistic ways of dealing with stress, we recently turned to essential oils as an aide. Shop some of our favourites below, and see which ones are best suited for the work-from-home situations you may face.

[Hero Image Credit: Aesop; Featured Image Credit: UMA Oils]

“Yes, I’ve unmuted myself. Yes, I unplugged my headphones. Yes, I’ll sign out and in again.” For all those times when everyone thinks you’re a doughnut because you can’t get your microphone to work, opt for the This Works Stress Check Breathe In 100% natural blend of essential oils. The roll-on is easy to use and prop right next to your pens, and is designed to counter both physical and mental fatigue, as well as relieve tension. As for your microphone, and maybe try one more time…

The star ingredients: Frankincense (antiseptic, relaxing), lavender oil (relieves tension)
How to use it: Glide onto wrists and pulse points, or roll into palms and take deep breaths
Price: THB 900/8ml

You’re going to have to stay focused for this one. We all know what’s like when your rice bowl, som tam, or double cheese pizza has arrived at the door but you can’t leave your meeting to receive it. Tell the delivery man to leave it outside, or get someone else to pick it up. Your focus needs to stay with your call, and this HARNN Aditya Eucalyptus & Spearmint Diffuser Oil can help ensure that. It is designed to “overcome mental obstacles,” even if those obstacles include a hungry stomach and a talkative boss.

The star ingredients: Eucalyptus and spearmint (cooling, refreshing, reinforcing focus)
How to use it: Add 3-5 drops to the water you’re using with your diffuser
Price: THB 1545/100ml

For all those days when you wake up in a rush and can’t quite find your bearings, use this Muji Essential Lime Oil with your diffuser. The sharp and crisp citrus scent will instantly awaken you, and help to pull you out of your groggy morning state. Muji actually recommends this be used in office spaces or meetings rooms “where you need to concentrate,” so it’s ideal for the home office, really.

The star ingredients: Lime peel (awakens and aids concentration)
How to use it: Add 3-5 to the water you’re using with your diffuser
Price: THB 390/10ml

You know that feeling when someone messages you and asks you to attend a meeting in 2 minutes and you have no time to prepare? You know when that’s entirely your fault because there was a glitch in your online calendar? Do not fret. For moments where you need to breathe and rebalance, this Aesop Anouk Oil Burner Blend is your saviour. It describes itself as “the perfect antidote to stress and hurriedness,” and can thereby help combat that sinking feeling when unexpected work surprises come calling.

The star ingredients: Lemon rind, ylang ylang, bergamot rind (all calming)
How to use it: Add 3-5 drops to the oil burner and replenish frequently
Price: THB 1250/25ml

It’s easy to get so sucked into monthly reports and emails and Insta-stalking your co-workers that you forget to mind your posture, relax your eyes, and stretch your limbs. For that extra boost, we love the UMA Pure Energy Wellness Oil, designed to be a “healthy alternative to caffeine” for maintaining energy levels. Get up and do a few jumping jacks, cat and cow yoga poses, or just a roll of your shoulders. For when energy levels dip, here’s a good one to go for.

The star ingredients: Rosemary (alleviates exhaustion), peppermint (boosts alertness and creativity)
How to use it: Massage 4-5 drops onto pulse points, temples, behind the ears, and take a deep inhale from your hands
Price: THB 3840/30ml

You shouldn’t be eating at your keyboard. You especially shouldn’t be eating something like chips or cookies that could potentially drop crumbs into you keyboard. To inspire you to eat healthy and engage in less screen time, opt for THANN’s Eden Breeze Essential Oil. Made to be reminiscent of a lush garden in bloom, it can help rebalance spirit and mind, and maybe make you want to go for a leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood — as opposed to down the supermarket aisle.

The star ingredients: Jasmine and rose (both soothing)
How to use it: Put 5-6 drops in an aroma diffuser with water, to put 5-6 drops in warm water for a nice bath
Price: THB890/10ml

When everything seems to be coming at you all at once, focus on your breathing — and breathe in this Panpuri Awaken Orange Peel & Frankincense Pure Essential Oil Blend. Lifting and motivating, the mineral oil is a mood booster that can help amplify energy and lift your spirits with its strong scent. Have you ever tried meditation? Close your eyes for a few minutes.

The star ingredients: Orange peel (antibacterial, uplifting), frankincense (reduces anxiety), Indian sandalwood (can treat headache)
How to use it:  Add 4-8 drops to water in an oil burner or diffuser
Price: THB 2250/30ml

If essential oils are too distracting during your working day, you can also use them as a treat at the end of your day. This Jurlique Lavender Pure Essential Oil is a great way to kick back and unwind after hours hunched over your desk. One of the more traditional (yet extremely beloved) essential oils, it’s a beautiful way to mentally teleport yourself to a French lavender field. Play pretend that there’s no WiFi there, either.

The star ingredients: Lavender (balancing and soothing)
How to use it: Add 5-7 drops to water in a diffuser or burner, or take things to the next level and combine it with a carrier oil to use for massage
Price: THB 600/10ml

Lisa Gries

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