Returning for its second year, Spartan Race is coming back to Thailand on 19 May — only this time with a new Spartan Super spanning over 13+km with more than 25 Signature Spartan Obstacles.

When we hear Spartan Race, we think of a few things; rough, tough and survival of the fittest. It may seem intimidating when you see some of the obstacles (we’re talking about crawling through mud and under barbed wire, spear throwing and rope climbing, to name a few) but it’s the perfect way to get out of your comfort zone and experience an amazing rush of adrenaline as you smash through the finish line.

No matter how you’re planning to prepare yourself for the race, the golden rule remains — the fitter you are, the more you will enjoy the race. To conquer (or even just to survive) this gritty obstacle-style race, you’re going to have to sweat, train and race like a Spartan.

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That said, training for Spartan Race is unlike any other kind of workout, so forget your usual bench presses, squats and elliptical trainers. With ever-changing obstacles and the unpredictable, naturally rugged terrain, completing the race requires a high level of cardiovascular fitness, strength and mobility. With the goal to get Spartan Race ready in mind, we’ve come across The LAB Bangkok, the 2018 Official Spartan SGX Training Partner with Bangkok’s only team of SGX Certified Coaches. Offering strength and conditioning training specifically designed for athletes who want to perform their best at Spartan Race, the group fitness and personal training specialists at the LAB will push your limits to get you equipped for the race and achieve results beyond the finish line.


The bustling Sukhumvit isn’t short of boutique gyms, but few have a training area like the one at The LAB. Located conveniently on the second Floor of RSU Tower at the corner of Sukhumvit 31, The LAB feels like a playground for adults filled with toys (read: serious fitness training equipment) from monkey bars, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX suspension trainers and ViPR to big tyres, ceiling ropes and a climbing cargo net.

the lab bangkok

The second-storey facility is relatively spacious for one that’s located in an office building, and splashed with bright colours that extend from its decor to equipment. The open training space boasts positive and energetic vibes that helps you get in the mood to workout once you enter, especially if you’ve been cooped up in the soulless confines of your office all day.


If you’ve missed the first round of the 4-week Spartan training package, fear not — the second round of training starts from 21 April and ends on 18 May, just before the Spartan Race day. The package includes Unlimited LAB Spartan Class Access (3 classes per week) and The Official Spartan Run Club powered by The LAB, designed for both Sprint and Super competitors.

the lab bangkok

Led by CEO & Founder Richard Cohen and certified Spartan SGX Coaches Vishal and Boss, The LAB’s Spartan training program consists of a proprietary system emphasizing foundational bodyweight movements and periodized training, with functional workouts that are varied, novel and build balanced, multi-faceted athletes who excel in all-over strength, athleticism and endurance. Whether you’re a first-timer, a seasoned Super racer, or just looking to improve your fitness, the classes can help you realise what your body can achieve with the right training.

For the weekly Spartan classes at the LAB Sukhumvit Studio every Tuesday and Thursday, expect an hour of intensive obstacle course exercises, which include flipping a heavy tire, doing the Farmer’s Walk, bear crawling, winging through monkey bars, rope climbing and of course, lots of burpees. Each session involves a circuit training of five exercise stations to target different muscle groups with little to no rest between stations. The class begins with just enough warm-up, followed by a clear demonstration of proper exercise technique for each workout station, in order to achieve a high level of efficiency and effectiveness and to reduce any risk of injury. There are three rounds of workout in total and you’re encouraged to go for a heavier weight compared to the previous round to challenge yourself further.

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The outdoor bootcamp in Benjakitti Park every Saturday is perhaps the most fun workout of the programme. Combining running with strength training to give you a whole-body workout, the class starts with a number of exercises performed in pairs, which is a great way to get familiar with working out in a nature setting. The session utilises facilities at the park for maximum results, from fireman’s carry uphill, crossing the skateboard ramp from one end to the other to balancing on the pole, this workout is not only effective in building endurance, but also a great opportunity to pull yourself from your comfort zone and help increase your tolerance to discomfort, as this is as gritty as it gets at Spartan Race; dirty, muddy and sweaty.

the lab bangkok


The LAB’s Spartan training programme is designed to improve both your strength and endurance to prepare your body with the ability to cover long distances, as well as the strength to complete obstacles at Spartan Race. The classes are vigorous and will push you to your limits; yet most importantly, the trainers’ solid background really shines through as they confidently guide everyone through the movements. It’s not every day we get a good sweat on and leave the room thinking about going for the next session, but The LAB’s Spartan training programme feels more than just a training for the race, as Spartan as a lifestyle is already in The LAB’s DNA — which is to help individuals achieve their fitness and health goals and coach them to transform their lives. For those who have signed up for Spartan Race, all the exercises at The LAB leading up to Spartan Race will prepare you to be your best possible self for the big day.

The 4-week Spartan Training package (21 April—18 May) is priced at THB 3,500, which includes Unlimited LAB Spartan Class Access and The Official Spartan Running Club Program, powered by The LAB.