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What is biohacking? Miskawaan Clinic’s latest technology that can help you future-proof your body

Biohacking may have started in the United States with the tech contingent, but it has surely been making its way over to Asia. Luckily for us, this service has now travelled to our very doorsteps right in Thailand, thanks to pioneering clinics such as the Miskawaan Health Group (MHG)

Nowadays especially during the global pandemic, much emphasis has been placed on our physical and mental well-being. Times have changed, however, and people aren’t just looking for the traditional way of healing anymore. 

With many people now turning their backs on traditional medicine for a more integrative approach to their health, a new global movement called ‘biohacking’ has emerged. Far from being a temporary trend or fad — biohacking is a progressive lifestyle choice that is designed to optimise the bodies from the cellular core to defy the normal ageing process. It is also designed to avoid undesirable natural processes our bodies are subjected to.

What is biohacking?

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So where did this novel therapy come from? It hails from Silicon Valley in California, the epicentre of global technological evolution. Like the technology they develop, they demand their minds and bodies to operate beyond their already extraordinary capabilities by pushing the realms of human performance. With the advancements that those entrepreneurs and tech-heads had at their disposal, they began using the principles of software engineering and applied them to their own bodies. After all, our DNA could be seen as an algorithm ready to be edited to accomplish the seemingly impossible!

Thailand’s first biohacking experience

Image Credit: Miskawaan Health Group

Nestled in the glamourous Gaysorn Tower in Bangkok, MHG utilises a ground-breaking ‘functional medicine’ philosophy. The team is led by founder Dr. Johaness Wessolly, a medical doctor who has been pioneering functional medicine for over two decades. Addressing the pitfalls of modern medicine, the journey here starts with extensive expert consultation and diagnostic tools to map out the issues or deficiencies that need to be tackled. 

“One vague symptom may not indicate the true nature of the malady,” commented MHG. “We navigate a safe passage to health and happiness.”

How does that integration work? 

Image Credit: Unsplash/Warren Umoh

Recognizing that we all have our individual DNA and needs, MHG is pushing biohacking even further. With their already abundant knowledge base and extensive investigative equipment, MHG incorporates biohacking into its program by developing precise and personalised programs that are devised to reflect your current health, genetics, and lifestyle. Yes, it is customised just for you.

Created to combine cutting-edge testing with natural treatments with a non-judgemental understanding of lifestyle factors, MHG takes the whole-systemic view of physiology to a whole new level. By targeting the root cause of a disease, this new method could revolutionise health itself, and even allow us to work on prevention programmes to isolate and address our specific symptoms.

With this new approach, the clinic can discover new technological methods to fine-tune the most optimal results for our health, refining the traditional approach to provide a more forward-thinking medical methodology. 

Our primary health concern now

Image Credit: Unsplash/Valdemars Magone

“One of the most prevalent worries that the clinic has seen is premature ageing and a general feeling of malaise and lethargy; no surprise given the pandemic situation we have been living through for the last two years,” said MHG. “Studies of South-East Asian countries have shown that Thailand, in particular, has faced a significant increase in the severity and prevalence of stress, anxiety, and depression. This adversely affects physical health both in the short term and long term.”

We know our physical age, but our cellular age tells a very different story about our health. 

Stress, as we know it, is felt immediately in our bodies. But stress also occurs on a microscopic level that will ultimately impact our health in the long run. When there is a perceived threat, our bodies release a steroid hormone called ‘cortisol’ into our bloodstream. Its primary role is to reduce inflammation and maintain blood pressure and glucose levels.

Image Credit: Unsplash/Malin K.

It all sounds positive so far. However, there’s a double-edged sword. Prolonged secretion of cortisol due to chronic stress can promote a plethora of tell-tale signs such as weight gain, fatigue, and wrinkles, as well as anxiety and depression. The afflictions can go all the way down to your genetic makeup, especially when in combination with a poor diet and lack of exercise. The DNA becomes damaged – your cells don’t replicate properly, which can lead to a breakdown of tissues or functions. 

It is, nevertheless, an issue that can be reversed or slowed down by incorporating the principles of biohacking. MHG, for example, uses a consolidative blend of conventional medicine and alternative therapies such as hormonal rebalancing, IV infusions, and physiotherapy to rejuvenate the body.

A crucial weapon in the holistic health arsenal are supplements and IV Infusions, explains Dr. Suttipoj “Jimmy” Pattaramongkolkarn, Doctor at MHG, “Our supplements and IV Infusions are processed from natural products and provide the most bioavailable nutrients on the market. They are used to enhance your body physiology and psychology, taking them to the next level by improving focus and increasing energy.”

The future of biohacking

Image Credit: Unsplash/Braden Collum

Of course, biohacking is completely tailored to individual needs. Ageing and chronic stress might not be the primary concern to some. Instead, one may wish to excel in their personal passions or occupational ambitions.

Showing true belief in the results of biohacking, even MHG’s very own Managing Director, Varit “Top” Taifayongvichit, is utilising the resources he has available within the clinics today. He has been using the service for his dreams of reaching the heights of a pro-league basketball player and is also documenting his transformation on social media.

For more information, visit www.miskawaanhealth.com

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