It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, stressed out, frustrated, or lonely.

Covid-19 has hit us back again and it’s been a hard hard week, a harder month and a longer year. And at a time like this, in lockdown, its important to look after your mental health, practice some good self-care habits and learn some new regimes to keep yourself mindful and help boost your mood. Here are a few mood-boosting rituals that help you navigate the funk, nothing big, nothing major – just easy ideas to make your day a whole lot better. We hope this tiny list instantly brings you happiness, gives you motivation to face the day better and to help get rid of stress.

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1. Release facial tension with a face massage

Now, lockdown is probably the best time to learn to take care of your skin in all the extra ways that you can. Time was an issue before but not anymore – it’s about finding the right tool and the right space to practise it. Have you considered gua sha face massage or jade rollers yet?

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2. Get a motivational water bottle

It goes without saying that hydrating yourself is the only way to stay healthy and happy. But what if your bottle comes with its own motivation? Now that’s a real catch.

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3. Take care of your eyes

At a time like this when you need rest, somehow we are all on our screens. Which means blue light issues and unwanted stress. We suggest a regime that really takes care of your eyes. Apply a good eye cream first, or pamper your peepers with an under eye mask, and use a silk sleeping mask to really indulge and go all the way.

4. Do a thorough cleanse

A good face wash always works and gives you a good night’s rest. So we highly recommend a good double cleanse, which means, a good cleansing oil and a face wash before you start off with your night skincare regime.

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5. Brighten your mood with candles

Nothing beats a good candle after a long day and we are big fans of amazing ingredients, warm feelings and just good vibes.

6. Download a meditation app

It’s good to take a minute to stop time and concentrate on your own path. As a beginner, we looked to resources that helped us make a start – this article by NY Times really helped us get a head start. And Jay Shetty’s meditation videos always helped with the basics. Apps like Headspace, Calm and Insight Timer also help.

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7. Try journaling your feelings

Writing down your to-do lists and hopes and dreams is a good way to give your life an overhaul and a much-needed routine. We love blogger Urshayness and her #Bulletjournaling as much as we love just writing gratitude lists of our days. The good thing: get a nice journal and start off with it – our picks are by Odd Giraffe and Ink Bucket, both have some stellar journals to work with.

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