We’ll be honest: Hypoxi is a type of exercise that is best described as a workout for lazy people. 

More chill than thrill, Hypoxi uses cutting-edge technology rather than your exertions to maximise the effects of exercise. It’s been heralded as a no-sweat, fast-track, targeted fat-burning “workout” which — we know — just sounds too good to be true. 

But if you’re feeling skeptical like we were, you can now go and test it out for yourself. The first ever Hypoxi studio has just opened in Bangkok, only at Jetts 24 Hour Fitness. When this internationally iconic gym opened their brand new five-storey club in Asok earlier this week, they filled it with all the latest equipment and technology — including the Hypoxi machines. 

We went to try out the new Hypoxi studio in Bangkok, and here’s what we learned about this wondrous workout.

[All images courtesy of Jetts 24 Hour Fitness.]

Hypoxi Workout

The idea behind Hypoxi technology is that in order to shift fat and reduce cellulite in the lower half of your body, you need to increase blood flow in those areas. Using vacuum technology, the Hypoxi workout involves you exercising in an airtight space. This accelerates the rate at which fatty acids are metabolised and can also improve the texture of your skin (i.e. goodbye cellulite).

Jetts 24 Hour Fitness offers four different Hypoxi machines to target specific areas. There’s the Dermalogy machine, which is one where you don’t have to actually put any effort in at all. You simply put on the Hypoxi suit (which kind of looks like a techy wetsuit), get connected to the machine and lie down for 30 minutes. The tight suit creates a vacuum on targeted areas of your body, so all you feel is a squeezing sensation as the technology smoothes out your skin’s texture and removes cellulite. 

Hypoxi workout

Another Hypoxi machine requires you to lie down and pedal with your legs in an airtight chamber. Being in a vacuum pod makes your muscles work harder, but it’s still an incredibly chill experience. No sweat involved at all. 

Each Hypoxi workout requires only 30 minutes per session, but the beneficial effects come to around 3 times that of normal exercise. Basically, you can achieve the body you want just in your lunch breaks. What is most amazing is how quickly you can see results. Most users saw dramatic results after only 6 sessions, which makes that only 3 hours of exercise. Unsurprisingly, Hypoxi has been the single most popular workout for women who are about to jet off to the beach for bikini season, or soon-to-be brides who want to look their best on the big day.

Don’t worry if the machines and technical suits all sound a bit intimidating. The Hypoxi studio at Jetts 24 Hour Fitness is superbly well-staffed, and there’s always a personal trainer to supervise you and guide you through. 

Although we’ve been calling it a workout, Hypoxi hardly feels like work at all. It’s a workout that is so low-impact you could literally scroll through Instagram while you’re cycling on the machines, or watch the new episode of Stranger Things as you walk the Hypoxi treadmill. 

hypoxi workout

If a fitness gym was a flight, Hypoxi would be the top First Class seat. It’s all hushed tones, private, relaxing, well-serviced, and sweat-free. The difference is a First Class airline seat won’t also get you in shape while you’re at it.

Book your Hypoxi session with Jetts 24 Hour Fitness, only at the Asok branch.

Location: 348/2 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, 10330 (On the intersection at BTS Asok). Tel: 063 850 3316.

For more info on Hypoxi, please visit www.hypoxi.com.au

Jetts 24 Hour Fitness, Asok
348, 348/2 Sukhumvit Rd, Khwaeng Khlong Toei, Khet Khlong Toei, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330
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