Could this new cannabis experience in Bangkok become the new highlight of your week?

Cheeky (and downright irrelevant) puns aside, we’re very excited to see Panpuri launch the very first cannabis wellness experience in Bangkok at their Gaysorn outpost. Read on for everything you need to know.

[All images courtesy of Panpuri]

Panpuri cannabis-infused beverage
Image Credit: Panpuri cannabis-infused beverage

Seeking stressed out urbanites

Targeting city dwellers who are dealing with stress and anxiety, the team at Panpuri Wellness has put together a Holistic Cannabis Wellness Experience that aims to de-stress and soothe through the use of cannabis. The journey includes onsen services, spa treatments using cannabis leaves, and cannabis-infused in food and beverages.

Why cannabis? Which cannabis?

Backed up by research, Panpuri states that the cannabis plant can help relieve stress, reduce physical and mental fatigue, increase appetite, and encourage a deeper sleep. It can also stimulate the intestines and soothe the skin in order to reduce inflammation.

Working together with the Golden Triangle Group, Panpuri sifted through over 10,000 different strands of cannabis to find the best species for their treatments. These are the ‘Cannatonic’ and theThai Stick,’ which are sourced from Northern Thailand. Are they impressive? Thai Stick is actually considered one of the five top strains in the world for medical use, and Cannatonic is the number one globally for the highest CBD content in the world. Just saying.

Panpuri cannabis wellness center Bangkok
Image Credit: Panpuri Cannabis Wellness Experience Bangkok

Is this… legal?

A question we’re certain you’re asking yourself right now, to which the short answer is “yes.”

The potencies of cannabis are drawn from either THC or CBD. Whilst very similar, they can incur different results, and have different laws pertaining to their usage. Panpuri reassures us that it complies with the laws and regulations and uses the appropriate measurements for each component. Cutting to the chase: no, the treatments here won’t get you high and won’t cause any intoxication. They are also perfectly legal in Thailand.

Cannabis spa treatments at Panpuri
Image Credit: Cannabis spa treatments at Panpuri

The itinerary

The Holistic Cannabis Wellness Experience begins with a cannabis herbal bath, using cannabis, lavender, rosemary, and sweet basil aroma. These are combined with a Thai herbal bag which is also dispersed in the water.

After the welcoming bath, guests then head to the steam room, where cannabis leaf and terpene blend oil provide a further aromatic experience designed to soothe and de-stress, as well as remove toxins from the body. Over in the Himalayan salt sauna, guests will find a “reimagined” scent of cannabis and terpene blend oil, where they can take in the isolating quiet as the heat gently alleviates any muscle aches and pains.

Over at the wellness bar, the fun continues with a low-calorie, high-nutrient, and cannabis-infused menu, crafted especially by a team of nutritionists. Made using locally grown ingredients from Northern Thailand, you can expect everything spanning Thai avocado, tomatoes, riceberry, spinach, and mulberry on the menu.

The availability

The multi-sensorial Holistic Cannabis Wellness Experience at Panpuri is the first of its kind in Thailand. It is available once spas are allowed to fully open again. It is advisable to book your appointment in advance.

Panpuri Wellness, 12/F, Gaysorn Tower, 127 Ratchadamri Rd., Bangkok, +66 2 253 8899.

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