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Recyclable and reusable cups to get you forming eco-friendly habits

For those who are creatures of green habit, living in a society today where we are getting into the practice of using non-polluting products sure makes things slightly easier. But for those who are not yet a green consumer but have a strong desire to be, using biodegradable products like eco-friendly straws and tote bags can slowly get you in the habit of helping reduce plastic pollution.

So if you’re someone who has a penchant for environmentally-friendly goods, scroll down to see a collection of cool recyclable and reusable cups that you can easily travel with and where to actually purchase them in Thailand.

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Where to shop for recycle and reusable cups: 

Ecotopia, Nuan Eco-friendly Products, Lazada, Beaker & GlassZero Waste ThailandBroccoli RevolutionOrganic Supply, Refill Station, bio-eco.

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