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Self-Care Sunday: Pitchayatep Yuktasevi’s power routine

Our digital cover star — high-flying young gen businessman Pitchayatep Yuktasevi — gives us a breakdown of his morning routine.

They say if you want to change the world, you should start by making your bed every morning. Whether or not you believe that, here’s what we know — how you start your day does matter. And regardless of whether it’s exercise, meditation, or just unsweetened black coffee, having some form of a daily routine can go a long way. This is why we took the liberty to sit down with Pitchayatep Yuktasevi and ask him about his. From his personal self-care rituals, to where he likes to get his coffee, here we run through a quick day with the charismatic businessman.

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Start your day with water — lots of it. 

Image Credit: Unsplash

When it comes to power routines, Pitch’s is fuss-free and straight to the point. “I just have your run of the mill routine, really,” he explains, “I wake up, drink a bottle of water, and go wash my face.”

On this front, we completely agree. For both health and daily successes alike, few things beat the simple wonders of #hydration.

Wash your face.

Image Credit: La Mer

Though he likes to keep his morning skincare regimen rather simple, Pitch doesn’t skimp on the face wash. When asked about what brands he uses, we’re told that La Mer has been his go-to for quite some time now.

What’s for breakfast? Coffee and croissants. 

Image Credit: Kenn’s Coffee & Croissant

Once he’s dressed and ready, Pitch likes to kick-start his day with what he calls his “rapid breakfast”. As for what that consists of, he explains: “it would be your flat white and a plain croissant. On days where I treat myself, I would have an almond croissant or even a chocolate one.”

Living in the buzzy Ari neighbourhood, he has a couple of favourite spots — namely Kenn’s Coffee & Croissant Ari, and Le Paris, which sits on the second floor of GUMP’s Ari Community Space.

Don’t forget your pimple cream.

Image Credit: Origins

“I’m definitely not your pretty boy,” Pitch admits when asked for specifics regarding grooming and self-care, “but if I have the odd pimple, I’d put pimple cream on.”

Product-wise, the young visionary is still on the lookout for the perfect one, having been through quite a few cult-favourites, including ones from Mario Badescu and local wonder Smooth-E. “I’m still experimenting with this one. I’ve been switching things up a lot with this pimple cream thing, but I just want one that’ll make my pimples disappear. That’s all I need, really.”

Whatever you do, try to find balance.

Image Credit: Jeremy Thomas/Unsplash

Despite a rather busy schedule, Pitch emphasizes the importance of prioritisation and remembering to have a sense of balance. When we ask how he manages to balance between work and play, especially when working with his family, he attributes much of it to effective time management. “I think time management has a lot to do with it, especially when it comes to how much time you spend at work, or how much time you spend treating yourself. If you loiter along too much down one route, you can lose track of your work-life balance, and it ends up affecting other aspects of your life.”

He expresses genuine appreciation for the supportive new-gen team at Mali, who also plays a large role in helping him stay inspired and motivated while at work.

End your day with a face mask

Image Credit: Aesop

Though his morning routine is pretty speedy, Pitch gives himself some time to unwind during the evenings — usually with a face mask. He recommends the face masks from Aesop, which are known to be great for the complexion, with natural, soothing scents.


Image Credit: La Mer

Of course, no evening skincare regimen would be complete without moisturiser, and Pitch doesn’t skip this step, either. Right now, he ends his day with the iconic Moisturising Cool Gel Cream from La Mer , and trust us on this one — the results do show!


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