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The fitness watch you should get, according to the Bangkok park you visit

Without a fitness watch on your wrist, there is no way you can get the most out of your workout.

A fitness watch is a motivational tool that can help encourage adopting healthy habits and at the same time reduce your smartphone reliance. They are awesome fitness trackers that push you harder and keep track of your milestones.

As Bangkok parks have re-opened again, here’s a list of the best fitness watches, as well as the Bangkok park we think they’re best suited to. Of course, you can mix and match, and even enjoying running at multiple parks. Your best accessory is your fitness watch.

[Hero Image Credit: Gabin Vallet/Unsplash; Featured Image Credit: Garmin]


Suunto 9 Peak is one of the thinnest, smallest, and toughest fitness watches on the market. With an ultra-thin and elegant design, Suunto 9 Peak boasts up to 170 hours of GPS recording capacity and 80-plus sport modes. This is perfect if your favourite places are Lumpini Park or Suan Luang Park. They are the centres for outdoor exercises that offer more than you might expect. Besides the outdoor and free muscle gyms, the Youth Sports Centre and Water Sports Centre are right next to these parks as well. These places aren’t just where you come to break a sweat, but you’ll also want to spend time trying out new sports and immerse yourself into a sense of tranquility within Bangkok. The Suunto 9 Peak is like a smart best friend that can stay with you the whole day.

[Image Credit: Suunto 9]

THB 21,900
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If you’re always making your way to Santichaiprakarn, Chatuchak, Nawaminphirom, or Seri Thai Park, the Apple Watch Series 6 is your best match. Running or cycling aren’t just what you’re here for, but you’re an enthusiast of outdoor activities that are inclusive of aerobic exercise, yoga, dance sports, or even Tai Chi. The fitness tracker can monitor almost any type of indoor and outdoor exercise. What’s more, it comes with a blood oxygen sensor that helps you understand how well your body is absorbing oxygen, and the amount of oxygen delivered to your body. With various choices of colours to choose from, your workout routine will be in style like no other.

[Image Credit: Apple]

THB 14,400
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It always gets busy after work in Saranrom, Rama 8, and Benchasiri park, so the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will make your life so much easier. This watch uses automatic a workout detection that tracks your movements so you can just slip it on and get working out. We’re not talking just about regular running or cycling exercise here, either. The workout detection list includes even dynamic workouts in spacious areas like in these parks. Maybe you’re working out and you don’t even know it. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 certainly does, though.

[Image Credit: Samsung]

THB 13,900
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All the serious workout fanatics out there, this is for you. You can’t be going anywhere else other than Royal Park and Ramintra Sports Park, and you need to have the Fitbit Versa 2 with you. With tons of weightlifting facilities and fitness equipment, you’ll understand why these parks are workout havens. While this watch features multi-sport tracking that supports 19 different exercises, the highlights are weight training and nondescript workouts. The best part is that you can even forget about your phone while enjoying your routine, as the Fitbit does all the work on its own.

[Image Credit: Fitbit]

THB 7,990
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If you are looking to go running in Bangkok for longer runs, Bang Krachao is the ideal place, especially if you come with the Garmin Forerunner 55. You can easily run for 10 miles or more inside the river’s arm at Sri Nakhon Khuen Khan Park, the best urban oasis within the green lung of Bangkok. This is an easy-to-use GPS fitness watch designed for runners of all skill levels. Besides personalised guidance for your daily training, you can get up to two weeks of battery life. There are several beautiful sites you can check out while running, and you just might be exploring longer than you think. 

[Image Credit: Garmin]

THB 6,790
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If running or cycling loops to keep fit is what’s on your mind, then Xiaomi Watch Lite is what you’re looking for, and Benjakiti, Rommaneenart, Santiphap, and Chula Centenary Park is where you should go. The fitness watch features only four sport modes, but it’s the watch that everyone’s talking about. It’s a basic fitness watch and a fabulous fitness tracker with a surprising amount of features. It’s also a price-friendlier option, too.

[Image Credit: Xiaomi]

THB 1,490
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