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7 at-home fitness gadgets for beginners

Without the right fitness gear and gadgets, it’s nearly impossible to build yourself a mini workout corner at home.

A lockdown workout is a must if you want to stay in shape and shred unwanted calories. However, it can be overwhelming to start and stick to a workout, so getting the right fitness gadgets can add more fun to your routine. Also, they are ideal for ramping up the intensity of your workouts too. If you’re a beginner and planning to kickstart your at-home workout soon, here’s a list of at-home fitness gadgets that you have to check out.

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A resistance band is great for improving strength and levelling up your physical fitness. It’s a gadget in which you’ll need to activate your core for balance and exert strength to prevent the band from snapping back into place. Our top pick is the PTP Microband X3 Stripe Medium Resistance Band. It’s made with high-quality natural latex for optimal comfort and durability. Moreover, its broad range of resistance values promotes muscle growth, too.

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You need to have an ab roller if you’ll be doing muscle-building and core workouts. This fitness essential eradicates belly fat, maximizes abdominal muscle, and can reduce back pain. A proper ab roller is crucial to enjoy these benefits, and so you can’t miss out on the Xtive Pro Master Ab Roller Wheel. It features a big scroll wheel to add balance to your body and a comfortable handle for a firm grip. Make sure to build it into your weekly routine for faster results.

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Wrist weights are a great addition to your workout routine. This fitness gadget adds extra heft and resistance to help you develop both strength and endurance. Enhance your bodyweight movement with our favourite Reebook Wrist Weights to make your training session a more challenging one. The secure velcro fastening and thumb loop will maintain comfort and stability to keep you focused on torching extra calories.

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Anyone can use a jump rope to reach their fitness goals. It’s a basic workout tool that is incredibly efficient for fat burning, cardiovascular fitness, and posture improvement. If you’re looking for the best jump rope to add to your home gym, the JASON X-Flash JS0564 Skip Rope is highly recommended. This cordless jump rope is adjustable to the length of your liking, and offers a smooth spinning. It’ll turn the highly underrated jump-rope workout into a fun routine in no time.

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Regardless of the workout that you’ll be doing at home, a yoga mat should be one of your fitness purchases. It provides a wide array of benefits that one simply can’t ignore. Especially in hot climates like Bangkok, the Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Mat is what you need to have. It does an amazing job of absorbing sweat and moisture while giving you a perfect grip. What’s more, it’s made from eco-friendly materials too.

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The elliptical machine has more benefits than you think. Whilst this stair stepper keeps you in shape, it minimises stress and strain on your legs and joints and allows you to get both an upper and lower body workout. The Decathlon Self-Powered Cross Trainer EL 520 is highly recommended, as this fitness gadget has an ergonomic handle and pedals for smooth pedalling. Also, there’s an E-connected app with various fitness programs for personalised coaching too.

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Don’t want to invest in a big fitness machine just yet? A stepper can be a quick and easy solution. We like the Decathlon MS500 Stepper, which has been especially designed to boost cardio and strengthen lower body muscles in a less overwhelming way. There’s a twisting motion you can do, with elastic bands to hold on to and tone your entire body.

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