In celebration of International Women’s Day this month, ELEMIS Spa at The St. Regis Bangkok is offering an irresistible spa package, ‘The Wonder Women’, for women to take time out and unwind from the challenges they face everyday. With the joining together of two world-class brands, ELEMIS and The St. Regis, expectations are set high as I made my way to the hotel to experience The Wonder Woman treatment.

Located conveniently on the 15th floor of The St. Regis Bangkok, ELEMIS Spa features 15 treatment areas designed in soothing sand and cream tones with accents of soft white leather and silvery Thai silk throughout. As the first ELEMIS Spa in South East Asia and one of only four ELEMIS Signature Spas worldwide, the ELEMIS Spa at The St. Regis Bangkok offers an extraordinary setting of spa elegance that reflects the Elemis balance of tradition and innovation, offering a luxurious haven of rejuvenation from the hectic pace of Thailand’s capital.

After a brief welcome tea and body consultation led by the friendly reception staff, I was led to the female The Relaxation Zone before my treatment. Designed to help guests decompress before treatments begin and to extend therapy benefits when treatments are completed, the Relaxation Zone offers an unique hydrothermal experience that boasts a couple of health benefits.

Aim to detoxify and rebalance the body, the hot and cold vitality pools uses advanced hydrotherapy technology to increases circulation and stimulates detoxification. Guests are recommended to follow a course of alternating hot and cold therapies: begin the massaging jets of the 40° hot pool, and then take a plunge into the 14° cold pool to bring your body temperature back down, then alternate between the pools for a few times. Taking these steps can help prepare the body to receive full benefits of your spa treatments. Another feature that caught my eye was the suspended Relaxation Pods that float like nests above the water features, making it a unique place to recline and rest.

Using the reputed brand’s signature products, I was asked to choose my preferred massage oil for the treatment. I picked a soothing, lavender scent for the ultimate relaxation. While lavender wasn’t a surprising scent in itself, nor does the treatment aim to have any aromatherapy effect, it did the job for my purposes, which was to destress my tired achy muscles.

the elemis spa

The 90-minute ‘Wonder Women’ treatment is divided into three sessions, each lasts for 30 minutes: a back, neck and shoulder massage, a foot Massage and an express facial. At first, I was concerned about having to sit for a whole hour for first half of the treatment as it wasn’t a full body massage, but when the therapist led me to the Deluxe Couple’s Suites, I was relieved.

Once ready, I lay face down on the bed as my therapist got to work relaxing the tension in my upper body with fluid, firm strokes. While she did pay extra attention to my shoulders as per my request, I normally prefer firmer pressure when it comes to massages and this was a little lighter than I was used to, though the massage did reach the middle layers to gently release tension.

The use of a variety of lavender oil made the perfect accompaniment to increase the soothing component of the massage and lulled me into a blissful state of relaxation. With the aromatherapy scents in the air and the soft bedding, I gradually fell into a state of slumber as the therapist moved on from my back and shoulders to my feet. Working out the tension in my calves and thighs, she seemingly knowing exactly which tendons and muscles were sore and diving straight in to these areas.

the elemis spa

After the massage was complete, I lay down on my back for the express facial. Cocooned in the soft blankets, my therapist went to work with the makeup removal and face cleansing. With sweeping and circling movements, she eased into a massage concentrating on my cheeks, jaw and neck to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Drifting almost into deep relaxation and sleep at this point, a thin layer of ELEMIS Papaya Enzyme Peel was gently spread on my face. While this was working its magic, my therapist proceeded to give a firm head massage. Personally, the 30-minute express facial was probably the shortest facial treatment I’ve ever done — around 10 minutes after the peeling mask, a cooling mask was applied on my face and that was it. I did wish the facial treatment was longer.

Leaving the spa into the bustling streets in Bangkok can be a little disgruntling after such a relaxing retreat, but you can take comfort in knowing you can extend the experience a little longer at home, with a complimentary ELEMIS skincare product (mine was the Papaya Enzyme Peel used in the facial treatment, worth THB 2,100) that comes with the spa package.

The 90-minute ‘Wonder Women’ treatment is priced at THB 5,800++ with ELEMIS gift to take home. Make reservations through email at or call +6622 077 7789.

ELEMIS Spa, 15/F, The St. Regis Bangkok, 159 Rajadamri Road, Bangkok