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7 Thai scented candles to shop in Bangkok for the impending lockdown

Scented candles have all the warmth and aromatherapy you’re looking for. They’ve now become a part of our comfort. Lockdown or not, they’re a great way to relax during stressful times.

They are a go-to to give yourself a boost of energy and creating a calm ambience to unwind after a long day. They infuse the aroma of your choice and add a wonderful fragrance to your room while uplifting the aura. With a multitude of scents in the market, you have endless options for how you want your room to smell. Not sure where to start? These Thai scented candles are worth trying out.

[Hero Image Credit: Halo Craft / Featured Image Credit: Wax Valley Candle Co.]


Inspired by Thailand’s Andaman Sea, the calming scent of Panpuri Andaman Sails Perfume Candle is reminiscent of sunny skies and sand under your feet. The great combination of Bergamot, Green Tea, Nutmeg, and Sandalwood does not only transform any space into tropical heaven but also immerses the senses into the pleasures of pristine beaches.

[Image Credit: Panpuri]

THB 1,950
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Karmakamet Joy Aromatic Glass Candle is what you need to make your home a better place to relax and work from home more joyful. It’s made from the traditional hand-poured method that preserves the natural aromas of Tomato, Holy Basil, Geranium, and Lavender. Besides helping to enhance your productivity, this candle also detoxes your brain and cleanses your respiratory system.

[Image Credit: KARMAKAMET]

THB 1,400
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Try THANN Oriental Essence Aromatherapy Candle, and the beautiful oriental scent will grow on you. The Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass oils enhance exotic sense and promote restful sleep. What’s more, this smokeless candle is made from a 100% natural oil base. Of course, it’s free of artificial fragrance and paraben too. 

[Image Credit: THANN]

THB 750
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With Halo Craft Thai Garland Natural Rice Wax Candle, your house feels like a home with a pollution-free flower garden. The unique blends of the best Thai flower essences including three types of Jasmine flowers will make the perfect room-filling bloom. While it smells beautiful, it looks like an art object that you want to keep on display at all times.

[Image Credit: Halo Craft]

THB 470
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Vuudh scented candles are recollections of fragrances from each city, and combined with history, they are interpreted into scents to enrich your lifestyle. As for VUUDH Chiangmai Travel Candle, it represents a classic Northern love story of a male suitor finding his true love by following the scent of magnolia blossoms. Definitely worth checking out.

[Image Credit: Vuudh]

THB 420
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‘Chok-dee is the Thai work used on any occasion to forward goodwill to beloved people, and Wax Valley Chok-Dee Lucky Blend Travel Candle Tin is a brisk brew of all those auspicious ingredients. Aside from the finest combination of the citrus tone of the orange and signature scent of rosemary that boosts your fortune in the air, the harmony of perfumes is also something that you’ll absolutely want to splurge on.

[Image Credit: Wax Valley]

THB 290
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The refreshing smell of Oil Craft & Co. Minty Fresh Candle will make you happy every morning when you light it up. It melts consistently and evenly, radiating the rejuvenating fragrance of Mint and Eucalyptus to fill an entire room. Moreover, this aromatherapy uplifts your senses, soothes your anxious feeling, reduces your head and neck tensions, and supports your immune system.

[Image Credit: Oil Craft & Co. ]

THB 280
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