You don’t need an exercise guru to tell you that “going to the gym” isn’t just about, well, going to the gym.

It’s long been known that getting active doesn’t just mean working up a sweat; it also helps you to de-stress, feel at one with your body, and even make you some new friends. Of course, looking good is a great added bonus. Yet if you wanted to sign up to a gym that actually understands this and helps improve your lifestyle outside the gym doors, you’d be pretty stuck. That is, until you’ve found Tone Box Gym. Small yet stunningly equipped, Tone Box is a private gym that offers super personalised workouts on a one-on-one training basis. Although, if you find you workout better with friends, you can also opt for private group training for up to 3 people. Their trainers are specialists who work with you for any specific needs, from marathon training to easing office syndrome. But remember, it’s not just about the gym: Tone Box even offers training classes for corporate team building — an active way to improve relations (and therefore, productivity) within the workplace. 

We had an inside look (and full sweat sesh) at Tone Box Gym to see just how good the trainers are and what you can expect from a private training session with them here.

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Stepping inside

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when first stepping into a gym. For that first split second, all the huge grey equipment and the sweaty bodies make you feel like you’ve just entered an industrial factory rather than a place of wellness. But that doesn’t happen when you walk into Tone Box Gym. Instead of that usual intimidation you get at most gyms, here you really feel like you’ve returned to the comforts of a home gym. Tone Box is quite literally a “box” — it’s comprised of a single rectangular room, which is decorated warmly with motivational neon signs, indoor plants, and, uh, a huge wall mural of Audrey Hepburn in pop-art colours. There’s a refreshing cold towel for you on arrival, and cool infused water on tap. The staff and trainers all smile at you and the amenities are nothing short of luxury.


The private changing rooms feel like a TV star’s dressing room, equipped with clean, luxury beauty products from Herbivore face mists to Quay dry shampoo. It’s enough to make you feel like a champion before you’ve even started working out.


The private personalised workouts

Everyone’s training session is going to be different. At Tone Box Gym, they’re really dedicated to getting to know you as an individual — inside and out. One of the ways they do this is by scanning your body through a 3D body scanner that’ll tell you every statistic you’ll ever want to know (and not want to know) about your body: fat percentage, daily caloric burn, posture quality. But really, the most important way they design your unique workout is by chatting with you and getting to know your goals and day-to-day lifestyles. If you’re working towards running a marathon, they’ll put you up with Coach Romaing — a long, lean French trainer who’s won awards for his endurance and runs 10k on rest days. Your training session will revolve around building up your stamina, discovering secret running techniques, and learning targeted workouts for better running that are used by professional marathon runners around the world. And that’s just one example of the kind of personalised workouts that are on offer here. Whatever workouts you do in your personalised training, the coaches will be helping you by reviewing specific issues, demystifying health myths, and motivating you constantly.


The coaches

Aside from Coach Romaing, (known as “The Speed” at Tone Box), there are a few other personal trainers in the “Tone Squad”. There’s Coach Rich, or “The Sun”, who’s a NASM Certified Weight Loss Specialist, and incredibly smiley. We trained with Coach Chris (known as “The British Viking”), who’s possibly the strongest person we’ve ever met. A heavy-weight power lifter, Chris was extremely polite about our own lack of power in comparison. Meanwhile, he pushed us with several strengthening exercises that were actually great fun. From tapping reaction light pods from a plank position to throwing around a ball of sand like an angry caveman — the workouts gave us lots of laughs and a fair few muscle pains the next day.


The Open Gym

If you’re just visiting Bangkok and are looking for a good gym to fit in a few workouts during your stay, you can also just drop in to Tone Box Gym. Day passes are available for you to use the gym in your own time and enjoy the luxury amenities at your own pace.

The Tone Box Gym lifestyle

It’s not just about the gym! Doing exercise doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t improve your life when you’re not exercising. Tone Box also incorporates social training programmes, such as team-building exercises for companies. Too often neglected in workout programmes, these exercises are not only fun ways to break a sweat — they’re also great for improving workplace relationships and therefore productivity. Exercising together has positive impacts on the way you work together in other activities as it helps you to get to know each other, get healthy together, and enjoy a few laughs together. They’re physically effective for improving corporate life too — strengthening your speed of action, decision-making skills, and relieving stress.


For one of the most un-gym-like gyms we’ve ever been to, Tone Box Gym is incredibly effective for achieving a healthy lifestyle. Its luxury amenities, homey atmosphere, and ridiculously fit and friendly trainers are just some of the reasons you’ll want to keep coming back. But the main reason Tone Box Gym is so loved is that its members see changes not just on the scales, but in their work, their relationships, and their daily life.


To book a trial or training session at Tone Box Gym, call 082-161-1171 or book online. Location: 2/F Poritco Soi Langsuan, Bangkok 10330 (6am-10pm).


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