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Weekend muse: 25 different ways to start your day

On a recent visit to the book store, we spotted a paperback that was dedicated entirely to outlining the morning routines of various famous and “successful” people.

Isn’t it wild how fascinated we are with what Jennifer Aniston drinks after her morning toilet run? And that we think her apple cider is the reason why she’s so funny and charming and still has that amazing chemistry with Brad Pitt even though they broke up?

We’re only halfway joking. The fascination for morning routines is a real thing in the world we live in today. We’re always eager to know what other people are doing after rising, and how we too can perfect our little sunrise ritual before the chaos of the day breaks in.

After all, a morning routine is something quite universal, and something you’ve likely had from a young age. Remember getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, watching cartoons, and then eating patonko with chocolate milk for breakfast?

As we grow older, our morning routines may become even more detailed. Some of us are set on waking up hours before we ‘need to’ be up to enjoy some ‘me time.’ Some of us are keen on fitting a workout in there and sweating a lot before showering. And some of us shorten things and wake up ten minutes before the morning meeting because we believe mornings are for sleeping.

Regardless of whether you’re Team Breakfast or Team Snooze Button, we can all agree that the way you start your day can have a massive effect on your mood for the day. Here, after doing some casual probing into aforementioned book at the store, we were inspired to put together a few routines you could consider if you’re looking to switch things up. Mix and match whichever suits you best, or go for the whole five steps. Good morning.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Amy Shamblen/Unsplash]

morning routine
Image Credit: Dee Copper and Wild/Unsplash

The calm route

  1. Start the day with a few minutes silent meditation or yoga
  2. Fill out a gratitude journal or bullet journal for the day
  3. Make yourself a cup of herbal tea
  4. Take a walk outside to grab breakfast, or stroll through a nearby park
  5. Listen to a podcast while getting ready

The energetic route

  1. Turn on some upbeat music (prep a playlist beforehand) and have a morning dance party
  2. Hit the gym for a HIIT session
  3. Go running outdoors
  4. Do the hardest thing on your to-do list first (e.g. big presentation, client pitch) and get it out of the way
  5. Play with dogs
Image Credit: Mae Mu/Unsplash

The foodie route

  1. Visit a fresh market in the morning
  2. Cook breakfast
  3. Meal prep for the rest of the week
  4. Go to a coffeeshop and enjoy a morning cuppa — do not take your phone
  5. Set up a herb garden and water your plants

The healthy route

  1. Set up a multi-step beauty and skincare routine, and take your time doing it
  2. Give yourself a face massage using gua sha or a jade roller
  3. Drink apple cider, or turmeric milk, or hot lemon water, or any other superfood
  4. Use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue
  5. Treat your body with essential oils to moisturise
morning routine
Image Credit: Birgith Roosipuu/Unsplash

The inspired route

  1. Read a magazine, the newspaper, or subscribe to a bunch of e-newsletter to browse (have you checked out ours?)
  2. Read one chapter in an actual book
  3. Invest in adult colouring books and colour away
  4. Subscribe to daily writing or drawing prompts and let inspiration strike you
  5. Put together a moodboard for the day in a scrap book (or digitally on Pinterest)

Lisa Gries
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