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Weekend muse: a self-care itinerary for any kind of person

Self-care has been a hot topic for a while now, but especially with pandemic lockdowns and social distancing, showing yourself some love has become a paramount affair.

Anxiety and mental health issues have been on the rise as people have become confined to their own four walls — of the home and the mind — and many are experiencing a sense of hopelessness, loneliness, exhaustion, or just Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday blues.

In the hopes of bringing a little sunshine to of any and all of these people — and just for good millennial measure, really — we’ve put together a few self-care itineraries for those who may need it.

You could engage in these on the daily or once a week. You could piece together the elements you like, and leave out those you don’t. You could create your own, using the below as mere inspiration.

A few things can be applied to all and everyone: make your bed every morning. Say thanks. And don’t forget to breathe. Also, drink plenty of water. Goodness, it’s hot outside.

[Featured Image Credit: Brad Pearson/Unsplash; Hero Image Credit: Roberto Nickson/Unsplash]

Self-care itinerary creative type

A self-care itinerary for the creative types…

09:00: Wake up and read 2 chapters of an actual book
10:00: Put on feel-good music and take a long shower (with a homemade scrub if possible)
10:30: Look at yourself in the mirror, and imagine talking to your 8-year-old self. What would you tell him/her?
11:00: Visit a fresh market and get inspired by seasonal ingredients
12:00: Make lunch
14:00: Try your hand at bullet journaling
15:00: Arrange flowers for your home
16:00: Take a nap
17:00: Organise your fridge, your shelves, or even your furniture
18:00: Write a short story, design Line stickers, or make beaded bracelets, and try punch needle knitting
19:00: Order a treat for dinner
21:30: Read another chapter and go to sleep

A self-care itinerary for those living alone…

09:00: Wake up, and write in your gratitude journal
09:30: Get dressed in something comfortable but presentable (inspiration: resortwear)
10:00: Cook breakfast, while playing feel-good music
12:00: Make a collage from old photos or magazines, and turn them into postcards to send to friends
16:00: Read outside (a park pavilion is a wonderful option)
17:00: Set up afternoon tea for yourself, using different herbs and florals
18:00: Phone a friend, and have a nice long chat, or try your hand at gardening if you don’t feel like talking
19:00: Have a light and nutritious dinner, following an actual recipe
20:00: Draw yourself an aromatherapy bath (put the phone away)
21:00: Read some more, and sleep early

A self-care itinerary for those living with a partner…

7:00 or 10:00: Sleep in together, or wake up separately so you each have your own ‘morning alone time’
10:30: Head to a fresh market and pick up ingredients you both like
11:00: Cook brunch together, to the tune of some upbeat music (dancing encouraged)
14:00: Individual projects: colouring, journaling, crafts, or reading
16:00: Set up a home spa and engage in partner massages
17:00: Post-massage nap together
18:00: Make a cocktail for your partner and set up a home bar
19:00: Order a dinner treat, and set up the dining table like a restaurant
20:00: Netflix & Chill
22:00: Engage in pillow talk
23:00: First one to fall asleep makes breakfast the next day.

A self-care itinerary for foodies…

09:00: Wake up, and research the most extravagant breakfast recipe you can think of
10:00: Make said recipe
11:00: Set up a herb garden outside or on your condo balcony
13:00: DIY a face or hair mask
14:00: Learn more about food photography or explore your favourite cookbooks
15:00: Bake something special for a friend (or make jam)
17:00: Write a letter to your friend, and send them your baked goods (bonus points if you use your new food photography skills)
18:00: Set yourself a Mystery Box challenge for dinner, and create something new
20:00: Learn how to make soy candles
21:00: Unwind with a warm beverage, and put your phone away to read or watch a movie
22:00: Fill out a food journal (drawing encouraged), and head to bed

A self-care itinerary for the sporty types…

05:30: Wake up before sunrise and head to the park for a nice morning run
06:30: Stop to take a real (or mental) image of the sunrise. Be aware of all your surroundings. Breathe.
08:00: Grab coffee and a juice from your favourite coffee shop. Throw in a pastry if it’s the weekend
09:00: Make your own smoothie or grain bowl at home for breakfast
11:00: Mid-morning nap
12:00: Challenge yourself and friends to a plank/ab/squat challenge
15:00: Practice relaxation by giving yourself a face massage
16:00: Time for a zumba/HIIT workout
17:00: Take a long shower, and put on feel-good music
18:00: Search for some meal-prep inspo online, and buy ingredients accordingly
19:00: Meal prep it up
20:00: Watch ‘The Last Dance‘ on Netflix
21:00: Do some pre-bed yoga or meditation, and go to sleep

A self-care itinerary for just about anyone…

09:30: Wake up, and do a one-minute body awareness meditation
10:00: Do a few stretches, then enjoy a shower with your favourite, fragrant products
10:30: Look in the mirror, and give yourself three compliments (and mean them)
11:00: Put on a comfortable outfit that makes you feel and look good
12:00: Go for brunch in a new neighbourhood, or visit a new market to buy fresh ingredients to cook
15:00: Call a friend and let them know you appreciate them
16:00: Impromptu house dance party!
17:00: Find a spot in the sun, and do some sunset yoga
18:00: Cook something that takes time for dinner, and plate it up as in a restaurant
20:00: Do a multi-step skincare routine and put your phone away for the night
21:00: Put on fresh pyjamas or a bathrobe
21:30: Write in your journal (can also just be one sentence to sum up your day)
22:00: Go to sleep.

Weekend muse: a self-care itinerary for any kind of person

Lisa Gries

Creative Content Director, Bangkok

Lisa is the Creative Content Director at Lifestyle Asia Thailand. When she’s not knees-deep in SEO analysis or editorial calendars, you’ll likely find her in downward-facing dog at the yoga studio, or immersed in conversation at a secret bar in China town. Lisa writes mostly on dining, travel, and pop-culture, and is a huge fan of soup dumplings, Riesling, and power napping — in exactly that order.

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