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LSA Weekly Horoscope: 18-24 July 2022

It’s a vital week to focus on your career. Here’s your weekly horoscope for the week of 18-24 July 2022.

Saturn has retrograded back into the sign of Capricorn (sidereal) and shall remain on it’s retrograde path all the way till the second half of October. These are vital times for us to focus not only on our career, but also the shape we wish our life to take. After all, Capricorn is the sign of status and career, and Saturn rules our ability to work hard without complaining. Whilst this is happening, Rahu and Mars are edging closer towards each other, creating havoc where there shouldn’t be, and Mercury goes combust with the Sun – stifling our ability to communicate – especially with those in power. However, the stars have beautiful messages for us that have been lovingly divined by the Tarot – reminding us that we all have Angels and an entire team of spiritual guides and guardians that are willing to help us out whenever we ask them.

LSA Weekly Horoscope: July 18 to 24

Aries July 2022 horoscope

Horoscope july 4 to 10

This is a week that demands dedicated efforts from you. The good thing is that you’re not afraid of hard work – especially when there’s a powerful goal that’s empowering your ambitious spirit in the short and long run. However, it’s important that you do not rush in to this – attention to detail is of key importance. In the excitement of just rushing over to the finish line, be sure that you haven’t skipped the minor and deceptively insignificant details.

Just remember that any kind of work you undertake this week, must be done with love and compassion. When we use anger or agitation to fuel ourselves, it can cause more harm than good. A thoughtless snap has the tendency to hamper relationships that have taken years to build. All the more reason for you to use love and compassion to fuel yourself instead. Not only will it make you more mindful, but it’ll clear your mind space enough to spot all the details and take care of them as needed.

Taurus July 2022 horoscop

Horoscope for 2022

This is a powerful week for you to reflect on your actions of the past – recent, as well as, distant that still remain unresolved. Rather than viewing it from a black-and-white myopic lens, try to see all sides of the situation, especially from the point of view of those whom you’ve had a falling out with. Yes, at the time when it happened, it was something you had to do for the sake of your own safety and sanity. However, time has passed, and hindsight is 20/20. You’ve grown and matured since then, and thus you have the ability to look back and see it from other perspective. When you’re able to do so, then work on forgiving them. And most importantly, forgive yourself.

Yes, forgiveness is easier said than done, especially when our heart still aches at the memory of those who’ve harmed us. However, that’s all the more reason to forgive someone, so that your heart can heal and you can move on. It’s never about their benefit – it’s about your healing, because whenever we bear a grudge or hold someone responsible for hurting us in the past, there’s a major part of us that shames and blames ourselves, burdening ourselves with guilt that’s uncalled for. Thus, along with forgiving others in the past – forgive your past self, and forgive your present self for carrying on that trauma till date.

Gemini July 2022 horoscope

July 2022 horoscope

It’s so important that you do not let yourself drown. Even though you may be overwhelmed by everything that’s happening around you and within you – you must remember that it’s not the end of the world. When you feel that you’re drowning, know that ‘The Universe’ has actually sent you many ‘floating branches’ to grab onto and swim to safety. Do not doubt the power of your inner light, because it’s the same thing that’s allowed you to survive crazier and more intense situations in the past.

Your hope is what fuels that light to burn longer and mightier, enabling you to dispel the thickest and most suffocating blanket of darkness ever. Know that you have an entire spirit squad out there to protect and help you out. All you have to do is ask. That’s the catch. You must ask, because one of the laws of the spirit world is that spiritual helpers can only intervene when you ask for their help. Perhaps that’s the first thing you need to do – ask for help. Be patient, for the moment you start asking for help – things begin to turn, and powerful magical portals begin to open. Just have faith that ‘The Universe’ has your back.

Cancer July 2022 horoscope

Cancer zodiac sign

There’s no point crying over spilled milk. I know, that’s perhaps the most insensitive thing to say. However, once an action has been done, there’s nothing we can do to undo it. Rather than live in regret of the consequences of our action, it’s important that we find ways to move on with our lives. The more we let the past consume us, the more we become prisoners of it. The thing is, you have to want to be free of the past. It’s high time you set yourself free to fly – the way you were meant to.

The first step to heal from the past is to believe that you can heal, and that you deserve to be happy and free. Believe your worthiness of living a life free from the haunting past is of utmost importance. Secondly, do not try to do it all on your own. Yes, we are capable of taking on the world on our own – but we don’t have to. Healing is a complicated journey, and it’s one that’s never linear. It’s got numerous ups and downs, and many a times we stumble and fall so deep that we find ourselves back to square one. The combination of a empowering spiritual practice, as well as, a qualified professional therapist/healer can really make all the difference. The efforts have to be your own, but the journey doesn’t have to be a lonely one.

Leo July 2022 horoscope

Leo 2022 horoscope

This is a week of love for you, Leo. Those of you who are in committed relationships – this is a wonderful week for you and your partner to connect on a deeper level. If possible, take a small vacation together, and spend some time getting to know each other. Even if you’ve been together for ages, perhaps it’s time to ‘re-learn’ about each other. You’ve obviously grown from the day you first met them, as have they. This is also a time for you and your partner to open up about things that have been hidden – major and minor. Just be sure to listen from a place free from judgment and prejudice and remember all revelations should be spoken and listened with love and compassion.

For those who are single – well, there’s plenty of love for you too! No, I don’t just mean going on multiple dates with all the people you’ve ‘right-swiped’. Although, if that’s what you need at this point – go straight ahead. Desires should be honoured and respected, not shamed. However, beyond that, this is also a week to connect with yourself. Spend some time getting to know who you are. Yes, we know you’re wonderful and regal – but sometimes one need a reminder of their own fabulosity. That’s what gives them the courage to pick up their crown, put it back on their head, and conquer the world in their glamorous ways.

Virgo July 2022 horoscope


Sometimes we just have to be the bad guy, and there’s nothing wrong with it. We’re human beings, and it would be incredibly unnatural for us to be all “love and light” all the time. Of course, we should always operate from a place of compassion. However, sometimes, tough love is needed to just get things done. Just make sure you don’t get carried away by the addictive illusionary power that ruthlessness brings with it. Yes, this can be a tough balancing act, especially when you’ve suppressed your darker side for long. However, just remember that ruthless behaviour should always be the final option when everything else has failed.

On the other hand, sometimes just speaking your truth and being true to yourself can be considered ruthless to others, especially those who’ve only seen meeker and quieter aspects of you. Perhaps it’s time you put your foot down and showed them who truly is boss. At least then they won’t take you for granted! In fact, a flash of your ‘bad guy side’ might just give you a surprising edge to your persona – making you all the more attractive to those around you. After all, the most beautiful rose has the deadliest thorns. Thus, do not suppress your ‘thorny’ side – unleash your truth and speak it wholeheartedly with utmost pride!

Libra July 2022 horoscope


This week, it would be best if you preserve your energies and take it easy. This is not the week for you to exert yourself and go all out of your way – especially for others. It’s a week for you to perhaps just stay at home and take stock of what you’ve learned. No, it’s not about resting upon your laurels. It’s about actually looking at all that you’ve achieved, and giving yourself a much needed pat on the back – especially when there’s no one else who  acknowledging all you’ve been through to reach where you are today. There’s nothing vain or egotistical about feeling good about our accomplishments. In fact, when’s the last time you’ve celebrated them? If it’s taking you a while to remember, then perhaps you should do so this week.

This week isn’t about frolicking about with others. It’s about rewarding yourself with much needed ‘me time’. Self-care and beauty are powerful ways to appease the inner-goddess within you. Yes, even men have an inner-goddess. If they honoured her once in a while, they would see how beautiful their life becomes (and enhance the kind of attention they get from potential lovers). Spend some time alone at home, and just allow yourself to the sheer indulgence of getting lost in your thoughts. Be sure that it doesn’t turn into a pity-party full of woes and regrets. If you’ve been following a strict diet – perhaps allow yourself that chocolate cake you’ve been craving. Just make sure you burn it off the next day.

Scorpio July 2022 horoscope

Scorpio 2022 horoscope

Sometimes, we just have to make tough decisions. Often times, those tough decisions involve making major sacrifices. Be sure that those sacrifices are worth in the short, medium, and long term. The last thing you’d want is to make such a sacrifice only to live to regret it later on. It’s important that you take all the time you need. Do not succumb to the pressures that others are putting on you. You are the one in charge, because your decisions can lead to destinies unfolding. Thus, honour yourself and only make a move once you feel confident in doing so.

Make sure you ask all your questions, and keep on doing so until even your most minor doubts are clear. If someone isn’t able to give you a proper or complete answer, that’s a major red flag, and thus all the more reason you should wait to make your decisions. However, on the flip side, it’s important that you do not waste too much time. There’s a difference between being cautious and being cowardly. And even being a tease. Just be honest with yourself during this time, make sure your boundaries are respected, and you respect the boundaries of others too. Most of all, trust your intuition. It’ll never lead you astray.

Sagittarius July 2022 horoscope


Do not fear the trials and tribulations, for within them are important lessons that once learned, shall reward you handsomely. What might seem like a scary time, or a painful endeavour, is only a karmic lesson that your soul chose to experience and learn from in this lifetime. Making it through is important not only for your karmic journey ahead, but also for you to thrive within your current life. What you must remember that no matter what happens, do not sacrifice your honour, ethics and principles. These will be the true test of your character, and will guarantee your rise in life.

Don’t be scared, for the more you’re true to yourself, you really don’t have anything to fear. Fear is only for those who are living a lie and hiding their truth from others, as well as, themselves. Think of this as the effort you must make today to yield bountiful results tomorrow. Plus, more than anything, it’ll also help you reflect on how you’ve handled things in the past, and perhaps bring about greater levels of kindness and sensitivity within you; while still encouraging you to be tough in areas that were considered ‘weak spots’ before.

Capricorn July 2022 horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope for 2022

This week, allow your creativity to guide you through major new beginnings within your life. Yes, you are truly a creative being. Do not let anyone else tell you otherwise. Creativity isn’t limited to painting on a canvas. It is just having your own unique spin on things that most people see mundane. And let’s face it, you have a unique way of understanding and appreciating the world around you – especially the people. What ever your creative talents are – express them to the max, for they are going to guide you into building a powerful life filled with joy, abundance, peace, and prosperity.

You must know that you literally have the power to create the life you wish to have. You just need to believe in yourself. Once you have that powerful self-belief firmly planted within your heart and soul, you can then grow and thrive like a mighty banyan tree, and achieve anything you set your mind to. If you’re able to ‘see it’, then you have it in you to not only achieve it – but also be incredibly successful at it. Remember, you are ruled by Saturn – the planet of karma, who rewards us handsomely (more so than Jupiter) when we do the work and learn from our lessons while maintaining our integrity.

Aquarius July 2022 horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope

This week is all about understanding the importance of our shadow side, and how to accept and embrace it, rather than avoid and suppress it. Remember, we all have a shadow self, and the greater our inner light is, the greater is the shadow that we cast. We must understand that our shadow is an integral part of our persona because without it, our light has no value. Without a shadow, we would not be able to shine. It is what gives us depth, it’s what helped us learn and evolve, and become a better version of ourself. Ignoring or neglecting your shadow leads to us falling prey to poor self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and self-sabotaging tendencies that damage us to no end.

You must remember that your shadow isn’t a flaw or a mistake. It is a natural part of who you are. To know and understand your shadow will enable you to obtain a greater level of self-awareness, as well as, a whole new level of compassion you never knew existed within you. Yes, we all have high ideals about the kind of people we wish to be, but it’s important to know whether those ideals come from the heart or from the ego. Answering that question is the first step towards learning to embrace your shadow. Shadow work can be quite tricky, and may involve facing parts of our mind, body, and soul that can scare us. Thus, it’s best you work with a qualified professional who can help you fall in love with your shadow. You’ll be surprised at how it’ll positively affect the relationships within your life.

Pisces July 2022 horoscope


It’s important that you remember that you are truly a magical and divine child of ‘The Universe’, and you have so many powers hidden deep within you that most people spend countless lifetimes wishing to obtain. Let’s face it, you have a powerful intuition unlike most of your peers, and even if you call yourself a sceptic – your eyes do twinkle at the thought of anything remotely magical. All you have to do to access this magic is to go deep within the depths of your soul. Your heart is a very good place to start. It truly is a compassionate heart that truly believes in the power of love – inspite of being tossed about and broken countless times before.

However, some of you choose to hide behind vices and addictions in order to suppress traumas of the past. Traumas that still haunt you, and still make you wish you could find ways to escape this cruel mortal world that don’t understand your uniqueness and just want to use you to fulfil their selfish needs. It’s so important you find ways to heal this trauma. Do not fear how long it may take you, and do not fear how the healing journey will affect you emotionally. No heroic journey is an easy one. However, if the journey is faced with love and courage within ones heart, the hero always succeeds and the world celebrates their victory. Hence, it would be a good idea to have a qualified professional guide you along the way.

Zorian Cross

Zorian Cross specialises in eastern and western schools of mysticism and philosophy, and over the past 15 years, has established himself as a respected tarot reader, astrologer, numerologist, and psychic channel. Also a certified ashtanga/vinyasa yoga instructor and a multi-award-winning theatre artiste, Cross’ 2019 TEDX Talk focused on how the transformative power of pain, when channelled through art, can make the world a better place. Follow him on Instagram: @ajnajog

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