Always on Cream to Matte Lipstick

You’re staying in at home, but you can still look gorgeous, okay? If it’s still pouring down while you’re reading this, the best place to be is at home, and spend the last few monsoon weeks cozy. While we’re all up for sweatpants and pyjamas and sporting pillows as an outfit (#PillowChallenge, remember?), we’d love to wear some lipstick at home. Maybe you are making romantic dinner plans with bae. Or maybe you’re binge-watching Emily in Paris on Netflix and you really want to feel that vibe. Maybe your crush decides by because he ran out of Mama Noodles? Just get your hands on Smashbox Always on Cream to Matte Lipstick. Although it’s matte, it is sufficiently hydrating, and comes in several bold shades.