It’s the season to enjoy a G&T or two.

Together with Hendrick’s Gin, we’ve put together the seven essentials for your next gin cocktail party, be it for the festive season or beyond. Taking tips from our favourites over at Siri House, we’ve paired the quintessential cocktails with the perfect canapés and light bites to turn you into the host or hostess with the most and the mostest. You send the e-vite, we’ve got the rest covered.

First things first: a classic Gin & Tonic

There is no welcome more refreshing than a classic Gin & Tonic. Simple and sophisticated, a Hendrick’s Gin and tonic is made with 50ml Hendrick’s Gin and 150ml tonic water, and garnished with 3 thinly sliced rounds of cucumber. Not only a great introduction to gin, but also a great way to introduce two strangers at your party. Do you know how many friendships have started over gin? Find out.

Why it’s essential: It’s an ideal drink for Bangkok, considering that it is suited to indoor sit-down soirees as much as outdoor garden or rooftop parties.
Insider tip: Serve this either in a highball or a balloon glass to really show your guests you know what you’re doing.

Light bites with a twist

Cocktail parties don’t call for big dishes that require knife and fork, yet that doesn’t mean they should be boring. Amuse the bouche of your guests with a few amuse bouches or light bites. From Quince, we love the Salmon Nori Tacos, made with spicy sesame aioli and avocado, and topped with ikura. The dish lies along the same refreshing tangent as the cocktails you’re serving, and is easy for guests to consume (and discreetly consume plenty of pieces without shame, too).

Why it’s essential: Have you ever met someone who didn’t like tacos?
Insider tip: Jazz it up with a few oyster shells or seaside accessories to add a finer dining vibe to your dish.

Something to ‘gram

No matter how many people you invite to your party, it’s likely a foodie or two will be among them. To please their palate and their Instagram feed, opt for a dish that is a visual showstopper. We love Luka’s Hamachi Crudo for it’s playful (almost trippy) elements. Again, it’s easy for guests to consume in one bite, and it suits the refreshing numbers on your drinks menu.

Why it’s essential: It’s super millennial, and pairs well with the Japanese cucumber in your Hendrick’s G&T.
Insider tip: Play with texture. See how the olive oil separates from the blood orange dressing here? A simple trick that manages a psychedelic visual.

Old-school favourites

Whilst we’re all for modern twists, you need to keep things balanced at your party by incorporating some traditional crowdpleasers. It’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t swoon for freshly-baked bread and a spread, especially when they’re drinking. From Quince, we’re taking the Black Truffle Chicken Liver Parfait as inspiration, topped with nut brittle and edible flowers for a sweet aesthetic.

Why it’s essential: It’s nice to keep a carbohydrate as your anchor, especially when you’re drinking (responsibly, obviously).
Insider tip: Keep some jelly next to your liver parfait for a sweet accent.

A Cranberry Fizz for festive spirit

There’s nothing like some fabulous fizz to add a bit of excitement to your cocktail menu. Both a wintery and a vibrant number, opt for the classic Cranberry Fizz to brighten the night. It is made with 50ml Hendrick’s Gin, 100ml cranberry juice, and 50ml sparkling wine, and garnished with cucumber slices and mint. Served in a highball glass over ice, add in some cranberries to really score gorgeous presentation points.

Why it’s essential: No festive soiree is complete without a little dash of red.
Insider tip: Opt for those beautiful vintage-style crystal highball glasses to add an elegant flair to your drink.

Something sweet

Christmas, New Year’s, or just another Sunday, no party is complete without something sweet. Whilst you may think your kind personality suffices, we suggest serving a few desserts to accompany. As gin drinkers, we’ve never been ones to stray too hard to the sugary side, and prefer our desserts to have a savoury touch. Carrot cake — between cinnamon, raisins, and zesty cream cheese — is the perfect contender.

Why it’s essential: It sings ‘celebration!’
Insider tip: Add some crunch by topping your carrot cake with crushed cashews, almonds, or walnuts.

A French 75 to end the night

Made with Hendrick’s Gin, sugar, lemon, and Champagne, the Hendrick’s French 75 is an elegant way to commemorate any event. Presented in a flute, it’s the perfect glass for your guests to raise and say, “cheers, what a great party.”

Why it’s essential: Everyone will look dashing as they hold this during your toast.
Insider tip: You can also opt to switch out Champagne for soda if you prefer lower ABV cocktails. This turns the drink into a Tom Collins cocktail, but is equally delicious nonetheless. It’s a party, after all.

Please always remember to eat and drink responsibly, and celebrate safely, securely, and fantastically.

Lisa Gries
Managing Editor, Bangkok
Lisa loves to travel, and is always on the lookout for the world’s best nap spots. She’s a serious Asian art history nerd, and has a knack for languages and coffee table books. She hopes to publish her own novels one day, one of which will likely be called ‘All The Great Conversations I Had In A Bangkok Speakeasy.’ It’s a work in progress.