Chidlom has long been one of Bangkok’s most sought-after addresses. And now, emerging from the chic yet sophisticated neighbourhood, comes yet another striking edifice by SC asset. Welcome to 28 Chidlom.

Bringing together the quintessential entities of modern metropolitan life, the prime real estate features refined interiors, top-notch facilities, and easy access to both the Chidlom BTS station and Central Chidlom department store. It is a home for the the city’s most affluent elites, and appeals as a luxury residence to those who frequent the area.

Drawing inspiration from nature and the surrounding locale, 28 Chidlom consists of two main building structures — The Villa, and The Tower. Ceilings soar at a height of 3 to 3.1 metres to create expansive living spaces, while floor-to-ceiling ‘Jewel Box’ balconies in the units offer unparalleled, 180 degree panoramas of the iconic surroundings. Lush green spaces dominate the grounds, blurring the boundaries between natural landscape and living spaces to create a truly exclusive oasis in the heart of the city.

Facility-wise, SC Asset never skimps on quality — 28 Chidlom comes complete with indulgences tailored to fit modern city life, from heated spa pools, to world-class fitness equipment and an airy reading lounge. A fitness centre offers top-notch machinery amidst stunning city panoramas, while the expansive swimming pool comes complete with spectacular, 180 degree views of the iconic Chidlom skyline.

With everything you could possibly need within reach, units here are especially tailored to suit various lifestyle needs, offering a comfortable and inspiring respite from which you can discover your individuality. We take a look at four different homes within the property, and the personas that inspired them.

English Summer (1-Bedroom, 54 square metres)

The Vibe: Offering a modern take on tradition, interiors here are clean and minimal, drawing inspiration from classic English design roots. Attractive but also incredibly cosy, there’s an effortlessly stylish appeal to the contemporary aesthetics — achieved through soft finishing, graceful curves, and carefully calculated proportions. An ideal home for the modern city girl.

The Persona: Bright, bubbly, and full of vivacious energy, the English Summer resident belongs in the big city. Her self-esteem is high and her dreams are big, but there’s a fresh sense of youthful innocence about her, and a light-hearted, playful soul.

Flower Power (1-Bedroom, 38 square metres)

The Vibe: Accentuated by rich, dark, tones, there’s an air of mystery within these interiors. Walls are adorned with vibrant tulip patterns that catch the eye, while antique brass furnishing and dark marble tops add a contemporary touch. The highlight here lies in the details — carefully considered design decisions give the space its flair for sophistication. An ideal home for the refined urbanite.

The Persona: Bold, edgy, and fun, the Flower Power resident is outspoken and unafraid to speak her mind. Constantly pushing boundaries and in pursuit of the fresh and exciting, she’s headstrong, determined, and steadfastly loyal, exuding an aura that manages to be confident and endearing at the same time.

A Classy Pearl (2-Bedroom, 75 square metres)

The Vibe: Where two worlds intersect, interiors here show that opposites can co-exist, bringing together the masculine and the feminine; the modern and the traditional. Drawing from 28 Chidlom’s concept of a “jewel box”, decor here is embellished with pearl and silver tones for a result that is serene yet lavish. An ideal home for the highly-successful power couple.

The Persona: Designed for the go-getting, accomplished power duo, those who live in A Classy Pearl are career-driven, on point, and very tasteful. They each shine through their individual successes and spend their days constantly on the move, but also appreciate the joys of a shared breakfast, and are unfailingly supportive of one another as they each take on the world.

Perfect Sunlit (1-Bedroom, 43 square metres)

The Vibe: Refined, elegant, yet intimate enough to feel very much like home, interiors here are dominated by gold and cool gray decor. While there’s enough character to recognise a sophisticated identity, there’s also enough freedom to explore and change. An ideal home for the driven, accomplished businessman.

The Persona: Organised, clever, and highly-accomplished, the Perfect Sunlit resident enjoys a well-balanced life in the city, from working during the day, to enjoying the perks of his iconic address in his free time.

At 28 Chidlom, luxury lifestyle is a matter of choice. Choose the style that fits you best, by reserving your preferred option from the four fully furnished units at a special price this May 2020. Prices start from 14.5MB. To find out more, visit

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Location: 28 Chidlom by SC Asset.

This article is published via Prestige Thailand.

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