Our Good Life Guide to Staying In

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become official: staying in is the new going out. And as we practice social distancing and embrace staying home a little more, we put together this exclusive page for living your best life within the Great Indoors. From food and drink to fashion and wellness, drop by for a fresh dose of stories on the daily, and make the most of your time during this very unusual time. See you at home.

Food & Drink at Home

Bangkok's Best Dishes Delivered to your Doorstep.
Where can I get a wagyu green curry for home delivery?
Quarantine in style with these fine-dining food deliveries
Cookies and Cake Just a Few Clicks Away.
We've got your sweet tooth covered.
Hungry? Order goodies from these online dessert shops in Bangkok
Welcome to the House Party.
Can't go to the bar? No problem. Bring the bar home.
5 online alcohol delivery services that’ll bring your drinks to your door

Style & Beauty at Home

Best Dressed in Bangkok: Quarantine Edition
Staying home is totally in fashion right now. Here's who's wearing it best.
Best Dressed in Bangkok: quarantine edition
Coronavirus vs. The Fashion Industry
Fashion month had never seen so many cancellations. What are the consequences of the pandemic on the fashion industry?
Weekend Muse: Coronavirus vs. the fashion industry
What do I wear to go to the living room today?
A guide to nailing at-home fashion, from cashmere tracksuits to satin kimonos.
The best luxury loungewear for staying in this month
Our Good Life Guide to Staying In

Nail Salon Closed? No Problem.

Check out our step-by-step guide to giving yourself the best, shiniest manicure at home.
How to give yourself a perfect manicure at home
Our Good Life Guide to Staying In

Don't let this get out of hand.

Hand creams: it is the season for them. From essential oils to sublime serums, here are our top picks.
The best hand creams to hydrate your sanitiser-stripped skin

Time for self love

The Perfect Stretch.
Yoga has been proven to be great for both your mental and physical health. Here's how to finally own that sun salutation.
5 yoga apps to perfect your sun salutation at home
Netflix & Actually Chill.
Ready to binge?
8 romantic comedies to stream on Netflix during self-isolation
Get down to finishing that book.
You finally have the time -- here's where to start.
5 e-books to add to your must-read list right now


Our Good Life Guide to Staying In

Can you hear me?

Working from home means that all business meetings are now held virtually, via conference or video call. But which app provides the best service?
6 conference call apps that’ll make #WFH a breeze
Our Good Life Guide to Staying In

How do I look good on a conference call?

From the right lighting to the right concealer, here's our guide to not looking like you spent the night before binge-watching TV. Your boss doesn't need to know.
#WFH: how to actually look good on a conference call

Uplifting Content

Take A Break From COVID-19 News & Catch Up On Our Best Features

Looking for a Distraction?
Get lost in some of our greatest stories.
10 fashion brand names you might be mispronouncing
A Nutritionist Unpacks All.
We asked Dr. Priya Khorana what exactly we should eat to heal a broken heart. Spoiler alert: chocolate is totally A-okay.
What to eat to heal a broken heart, according to a nutritionist
We miss Tropic City too.
Find out what co-founder Sebastian de la Cruz has to say in this cheeky 27 Questions interview.
27 Questions with Sebastian de la Cruz, co-founder of Tropic City
Bangkok's Best.
In celebration of International Women's Day this March, we spoke to 9 leading female chefs in Bangkok, and asked them each for a piece of advice.
9 snippets of wisdom from Bangkok’s best and boldest female chefs
A Momentary Cure for your Wanderlust.
In this special series, we unpack the history of some of the world's most legendary hotels. At the Raffles Phnom Penh, we follow on in the footsteps of former US First Lady, Jackie Kennedy.
Suite History: the Raffles Hotel Le Royal Phnom Penh