Have you made plans this Songkran?

Unpacking the Monkey Shoulder Songkran ‘Refuel Your Party’ kit, we’re rounding up six key essentials to make your Thai New Year party a resounding success.

Whilst still respecting social distancing guidelines and eating and drinking responsibly, the kit puts together everything you need to brighten up any party. As we’re celebrating at home this year with an inner circle only, you bring the vibes — we’ve got the drinks, the music, and, of course, the water guns.

First things first: set the mood with music

Every party needs a soundtrack, but every party planner knows that finding the right tunes and making the right playlist can be a bit of a daunting task. To make things easier, the Monkey Shoulder Refuel Your Party kit comes with a handy QR code you can easily scan to direct you to a Mixcloud playlist. It features everything from Cut La Vis to Nicodemus, Quantic, and more, and is sure to set all the right tones for a great afternoon.

Why it’s essential: music breaks the ice, and gets your guests chatting, moving, and dancing
Insider tip: use waterproof speakers for this playlist, it’s a water festival after all

Dress the part

Whilst the more traditional Songkran attire consists of a floral shirt, we’re loving Monkey Shoulder’s twist on the traditional this year. Featuring the brand’s vibrant, cheeky colours and #makeitmonkey campaign hashtag, the branded black tee is the perfect coverup for your bikini, or a companion to your trunks. It also does not turn transparent when splashed with water either. Win-win.

Why it’s essential: you shouldn’t wear white at a water party!
Insider tip: pair with some bright shorts for a fun pop of colour

Serve some fun drinks

No party is complete without delicious cocktails. Need some inspiration? Try this easy peasy recipe:

Ginger Monkey

50ml Monkey Shoulder
120ml Ginger Ale
1 orange wedge

Fill long glass with ice
Pour in the Monkey Shoulder and ginger ale
Gently stir and garnish the orange wedge

Why it’s essential: it’s the hottest time of the year, you’re going to need to hydrate
Insider tip: get some fun ice cube molds to give your cocktails an extra cool look

Pour your drinks the right way

This may not be an obvious party essential, but experienced merrymakers will know that a bottle pourer can be a real saviour at your party. Instead of opening and closing your bottle of whisky or water every single time you need it, why not use a bottle pourer to make your life easier? Included in the Refuel Party Kit, we’re loving this LED pourer that lights up when in use. Not only is it convenient, it really ups the fun when pouring, too.

Why it’s essential: you don’t want to look like an amateur, do you?
Insider tip: place the pourer on the bottle before your party, so you’re prepped and ready to go right away

Water guns are essential

If you’re not sneaking up on your guests to splash them with a little water, are you even celebrating right? What we love about these water guns is that they’re pocket-sized, so you can keep them in your pockets before whipping out to use at any given moment. It’s a lot more relaxed than those terrifying monster water guns, yet still adds a playful element to your party ambience.

Why it’s essential: no Songkran party is complete without water guns
Insider tip: fill the water guns with cold water, it’s super refreshing (and will definitely surprise your guests)

It’s in the bag

Songkran is the biggest holiday of the year, and you want to ensure your vacation is as stress-free as possible. That’s why a handy bag is a Songkran must-have. Fitting all your essentials into one ensemble, the Monkey Shoulder Refuel Party Kit dry bag is probably our favourite piece of the lot. It can keep all your items protected from spontaneous Songkran splash throughout the holidays, and even serve as a trusted companion for water-sports adventures and beach holidays long into the new year.

Why it’s essential: it’s waterproof, it’s bright and easy to see, and it’s comfortable to carry
Insider tip: use the extra strap to wear like a cross-body bag when you’re on the go. Happy partying!

To reward fellow fun-lovers, from 8-14 April Monkey Shoulder is launching an online competition on Instagram. Songkran merrymakers are invited to share their cheekiest Songkran moments at home, tag @monkeyshouldersea and @makeinmonkey.th and hashtag #MakeitMonkey to be in the running for a chance to win exclusive gifts! Lucky winners will be announced on Monkey Shoulder’s Instagram profile @makeitmonkey.th on 15 April. A total of 5 lucky winners will get a special gift from Monkey Shoulder, as well as an exclusive bar-hop experience around Bangkok’s hippest bars.

Please always remember to eat and drink responsibly. Don’t be a drunken monkey and celebrate safely and securely this Songkran 2021.

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