LSA Digital Issue 001: Pitchayatep Yuktasevi

LSA Digital Issue 001: Pitchayatep Yuktasevi
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A Family Affair

In the inaugural Lifestyle Asia digital issue, we celebrate the one thing near and dear to everyone: family. As the holiday season rolls around, there's no better time for gathering around the table or planning a movie night with loved ones. We'll show you everything you can do for a cosy celebration with family.
LSA Digital Issue 001: Pitchayatep Yuktasevi

On the Cover: Pitchayatep Yuktasevi

This December and going into 2022, Pitchayatep Yuktasevi is the face of Lifestyle Asia Bangkok's first-ever Digital Issue. Besides discussing the tight-knit bond with his family and how working with them has made an impact on his life, Pitchayatep also serves as this issue's guest editor. See what family-friendly music, movies, and destinations he has to share.
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Curated by Pitchayatep
From his wardrobe and skincare products to his latest Netflix binge and Spotify playlists, Pitchayatep shares some of his favourites with you.

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We know that sometimes there are differences, but as a family, we definitely understand each other at the end of the day.
Pitchayatep Yuktasevi

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