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Pamper mum with these special treats at Siam Center this Mother’s Day

Make an extra-special effort by treating your mum with the best of the best this Mother’s Day.

As soon as we hit the month of August, we are all scratching our heads on how to impress mum and blow her away with a more creative surprise than last year. But really, is there anything better than a parade of delicious treats and healthy drinks to woo her? A blend of fine-dining experience and meaningful conversation is the perfect way to say ‘I love you’. If you are anything like us, your ideal choice would be to head to Siam Center for an array of a pleasant dining experiences. It’s the perfect way to show you appreciate her and are grateful for everything she has done for you.

But where exactly should you treat mum this Mother’s Day? We’ve got some cool options for you.

Petite Audrey

Top it up a notch at the French vintage restaurant Petite Audrey and surprise mom with some crafty dishes. Our tip? There’s a new dish of boneless mackerel that offers the whole mackerel (yes from head to tail fin) which can easily be paired with fried rice and chilli shrimp paste dip and fried boneless mackerel. You could also opt for Thai rice noodles that are wrapped with fresh vegetables with two dressings – peanut sauce and spicy sauce. Perhaps also get your mom a fusion of Thai-Japanese donburi that comes with fried boneless mackerel on a bed of hot steamed rice with teriyaki sauce together with shrimp roe, seaweed green shies, and shredded egg. If you are swaying more towards a Thai-European feel, then spaghetti with fried boneless mackerel would be a perfect choice, too.


On the Table, Tokyo Cafe

Why not try the new menu called In The Summer Time curated just for this season? Let mum luxuriate in a selection of hot dishes including Salmon Zaab with Spicy Seafood Wasabi Sauce, flaunting some thick slices of salmon dressed with special in-house seafood sauce and New Zealand mussels with spicy shoyu sauce. Also, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the spicy tom yum river prawn pizza, spaghetti with salted egg sauce topped with crunchy fried calamari, deep-fried river prawn with garlic, and pepper featuring large-sized river prawn cooked with holy basil sauce, garlic and pepper before deep-frying. The options seem endless. After your mother’s day treat, end your meal with some soothing refreshments. This special menu includes various flavours of fruity tea including mango, watermelon, lychee, and more.

Mo-Mo Paradise

There’s a reason it’s called a paradise when it comes to feasting on shabu-sukiyaki. This Tokyo restaurant chain offers carefully-picked ingredients including soup and sauce cooked from the original Japanese recipe, premium Australian beef, kurobuta pork (especially the soft texture slices of tenderloin and belly), chemical-free duck, fresh organic egg, and options of over 20 kinds of chemical-free vegetables to relish in. On the special occasion of Mother’s Day during 12-14 August, every table will receive complimentary Japanese confection daifuku with a special filling. The restaurant will also be offering a family photo service only on 12 August.

Maji Curry

If you are a fan of Japanese Curry rice, then Maji Curry’s new menu, the Premium Roast Beef Curry, is going to be your new obsession. Where juicy Australian beef meets Japanese curry, we get soft, roasted meat infused with herbs and spices, alongside spicy and onsen egg at this Japanese curry house. Are you drooling already? We don’t blame you.


Give your mum a little detoxification and boost her immunity with some cold-pressed juices — trust us, she would love it. Sip some flavourful juice at Cold Pressed Juice by Charna, and get your daily dose of fruit and veggies. The flavours? Charna Heart Beat is curated with red apple, red cabbage, beetroot, and pineapple, which is designed to strengthen the heart. As for Charna Longevity, it’s a mix of red and green apple, pineapple, butterfly pea, and white mugwort, which is said to prevent cancer and lower blood pressure. If mum is concerned about her skin, then the Charna Glowing Skin will boost her skin and offer deep sleep whilst Charna Eyes Beam will improve her vision. Make your pick for the day and make it very, very special.

The special occasion of Mother’s Day on 12 August calls in for a special discount. If you shop at Siam Center and Siam Discovery with the participating stores, you will receive a special discount of up to 50% off, and when you spend up to 5,000 Baht, you can redeem a Siam Gift Card worth 1,000 Baht. The offer is limited to 500 privileges only.

Enjoy these mouthwatering treats throughout the month of August at Siam Center.

Alisha Pawa
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