The holism-forward beauty brand, THREE Cosmetics from Japan, is known to be a green, environmentally friendly and non-toxic label.

Their product line ranging from head to toe goods often lures beauty buffs in with their stellar collections of skincare, scalp & hair, body care, base & point makeup, and a even men’s line.  With stores available in Thailand, city dwellers can easily get their hands on THREE’s prime products.

Not only is the Japan-originated brand an expert to cosmetology, THREE is also a master for a wellness-promoting spa treatment. Following their THREE Aoyama Rhythm Spa nestled amid the hectic suburban of Tokyo, THREE Rhythm Retreat spas hidden behind their beauty counters at ICONSIAM and CentralWorld, offer a wide selection of well-curated treatments centred around a practice inspired by the circadian rhythm of mind and body.

THREE Rhythm Retreat

To obtain the highest standard of service, a team of therapists are sourced – based on a degree and/or in-depth experience in psychotherapy and medical treatment – and trained and tested by Rhythm Spa Aoyama in Japan to provide a service that stands out among a plethora of spas in Bangkok.

THREE Rhythm Retreat

The spas in both locations hold far and away an extensive range of treatments. For example, the Facial Balancing Treatment will balance the oil and water for the skin to thrive and to prevent it from being sensitised. Meanwhile, the Facial Aiming Treatment is designed to pump nutrients and moisture back into your skin, keeping your skin youthful and vibrant.

Then there’s also a Facial Three Line to soothe and relieve skin irritants (rashes, itchiness, or burning, etc) and enhance the skin’s natural barrier. Body treatments are also available for those who want to improve blood circulation and revive your overall skin complexion and decrease cellulite. It’s time you say goodbye to orange-peel skin.

THREE Rhythm Retreat gives traditional Japanese spa treatment a whirl of elegance and wholeness. For spa-goers who like THREE Cosmetics or would love to give it a test run, make a pit stop at THREE’s counters at ICONSIAM and CentralWorld and check out their terrific spas in a suite-grade ambience.

THREE Rhythm Retreat, CentralWorld, Pathumwan, Bangkok, +662 252 3464.

THREE Rhythm Retreat, ICONSIAM, Bangkok, +662 288 0321.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
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