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Why ECOTOPIA’s eco-friendly products are the smartest way to go green

Treat your loved ones with an eco-friendly gift while you reduce your carbon footprint.

If there’s one silver lining we’ve got out of the entire pandemic situation, it would be our increasing awareness towards our contemporary lifestyle choices and letting Mother Earth heal in its purest form. If nature could heal in the absence of plastic and really recover, then why not commit towards using sustainable products so we can save our planet?

If you’re wondering where you could find an array of gifts and eco-friendly goods for your everyday lifestyle, then look no further. ECOTOPIA has been the epicentre of products for the health-conscious like-minded community who believes in creating a better world together. From daily personal care to environmentally-friendly goods, the products at ECOTOPIA follow the zero-waste principle to contribute to the sustainability of local communities. With over 300 brands to explore, this land of eco-friendly products ensures there’s something for everyone out there.

Wondering where to start and what to buy from ECOTOPIA? We’ve got some must-buy cool items on our list that you shouldn’t be missing out on. These may become the smartest addition and approach to your sustainable lifestyle.

Daily essentials

If you need to carry your special vegan lunch from home, then the eco-friendly tiffin boxes from Deim are perfect. These biodegradable food containers are curated from food-grade materials and natural straw, which effectively seal any heat or odour. They’re also microwave-safe and free from any harmful chemicals. If you need to wrap your sandwich to prevent that hot sauce from dripping all over, grab the Eco Wrap by Kitch ‘n kool which is a non-carcinogenic, BPA-free cling wrap to ensure your food is all safe.

Looking to add some new crockeries to your pantry? Opt for the biodegradable plates and dishes from THADIME that are made from 100% naturally-sourced areca palm leaves that are great for holding all-condition food. Meanwhile, the fashionable bamboo-derived bottles and glasses from Bamboo St can store your healthy juices just fine. Once you’ve used all your utensils, it’s time to do the dishes. The best alternative to regular dishwashing is Ringo’s coconut-derived dishwashing liquid that is paraben-free and SLS-free, which makes it safe not just for the environment, but also for the users.

Whilst sipping your drink, grab the eco-friendly straws from Ecobelle that are made from natural rice stem and can stay firm up to 2 hours, with a life span of 6 to 12 months. Or, head for the complete naturally-sourced Thai sedge straws from Alyada that have been created with much stronger heat and liquid resistance than those paper straws.

Is it the time of the year when you need to change your toothbrush? The Bamboo toothbrush from environman is not only biodegraded but offers interchangeable brush heads, too, so you can perform your brushing in a more fun way. Even cooler than this, have you heard of a toothpaste tablet? CHEWW.CO curated breath-freshening plastic-free toothpaste tablets that are made from salt, mint, and menthol, and not to mention, strengthens your gums too. Now you can say goodbye to regular toothpaste.

Personal care

Girls and guys, are you all ears? These odourless, chemical-free nail polishes from Little Heart Nail Color require only rinsing your fingernails in warm water to remove it.

If you need some child-friendly makeup for perhaps a birthday party, then opt for products made from natural active ingredients that are chemical-free and apt for sensitive skin at Fairiesta. Add that lipstick from forest lipstick that is made from coconut juice, where the colours derive from fruits and vegetables. Think, mangosteen for that unique fruity scent and bright colour.

Nowadays, it’s so important to ensure we are feeding our skin the right food. Lhamour’s natural skincare is made from quality food-grade ingredients that have a deep nourishing effect with rosehip oil which ensures your skin is moisturised. It also regenerates boosting and provides an anti-ageing effect.

Explore the shampoo bars from Cottontail that promise to offer natural protection and a deep cleansing effect for the hair. Consider passun’s chemical-free sunscreen your protector from the UVA and UVB rays, when you are out and about under the sun.


From a recycled to a new ‘upcycled’ concept, ECOTOPIA offers a range of clothing products and accessories that are durable, eco-friendly, and even water-resistant. Le Casino’s footwear is made from recycled plastic bottles into threads that can be woven. What’s more, they’re made using a 3-D print technology converting them into a lightweight, comfy spring pair of shoes that reduces foot pain.

As we are currently in the monsoon season, it would be smart to grab those raincoat bags from walking stitch that have been crafted by Thai craftsmen.

If you have a soft corner for denim, then RENIM Project has the coolest upcycle denim materials from used jeans that are stitched into upcycled cement bags. If you fancy stylish bags, then the one from the Kiddee Project is made from catheter bags. As a token of appreciation, gift your loved ones a naturally dyed hand-woven shirt form Bhukram that are handcrafted straight from the makers in Sakon Nakhon, where t-shirts are interestingly made from recycled polyester water bottles.

Home decor

Hyperdesign-lab has paper products made from upvalued non-hazardous elephant dung that has been morphed into clocks, pen holders, and so many other useful items that are really benefiting the elephant community as well. Turning waste into functional goods is another way of really going green. Turning disposable resources like plastic bottles into plant pots, plates, and even coasters, PRECIOUS PLASTIC has got a range of cool new items for your dining table. Last but not the least, the woven polypropylene bags from unplugged co. have been handcrafted and designed to contain items or serve as fancy plant pots around the house. The technology of automatic composting machines has converted good waste such as fruits and meats, or even coffee grounds, into these natural fertilisers.

So for eco-conscious enthusiasts out there, you can explore a range of products through the iPads at ECOTOPIA which will educate you on the inspiring storytelling behind each of the eco-friendly goods available at the store. Best part? All you need to do is stroll by ECOTOPIA with your card, because there’s a new cashier-less experience where you can do your transactions via scanning QR codes or shop via LINE. Very on-trend. Very eco-friendly.

Visit ECOTOPIA, Siam Discovery: The Exploratorium, 3, Rama I Rd, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok. For more information, visit Facebook : ecotopiaTH , @LineOA : @Onesiam or Tel.026581000 ext 4044

Why ECOTOPIA’s eco-friendly products are the smartest way to go green

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