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4 hair trends to follow this season

Here are some tips to style up your hair this season.

Do you prefer going with a casual and laid-back long hair or enjoy a brave and bold hairstyle that stands out? The autumn season calls in for a bunch of radical new hairstyle to level up your look for the season. From long, natural hair to fluorescent neon, we’ve listed the major hair trends making rounds this fall.

Long is forever

A model presents a creation for Tod’s Women Fall – Winter 2020 fashion collection on February 21, 2020 in Milan. (Photo by Miguel MEDINA / AFP)

If there is a watchword for the coming season, it has to be “long.” While bobs were big last year, this fall’s main trend is for a length that reaches down to the middle of your back or even further, as seen in the most recent catwalk shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. The idea is for a natural cut without layers, which can juxtapose straight hair and waves throughout the season. This kind of style needs meticulous and regular attention, so be prepared to keep the ends well-trimmed and make use of the style and care products your hair needs.

Pull it all back and keep it down

Sophisticated with a touch of rock, hair that is pulled back and down will be in vogue in the coming season. Whether it’s cut short or long, tied back in a ponytail or a chignon, or even loose and slicked back, the point of this look is to keep your hair tight and away from your ears and forehead. This minimalist style focuses attention on your face, and in particular on the eyes, which are all the more important given that most of us are now wearing masks to protect against COVID-19. This style can be made more powerful with the addition of wet-look products, which have the added advantage of keeping your hair perfectly in place.

Take the plunge with neon

Last February’s New York Fashion Week ushered in the neon colors that will be a feature of styles this fall. Already seen in this year’s summer looks, this brash and over-the-top trend is set to endure. Think fluorescent yellow, blue, green, orange, or pink. Choose any colour you like, as long as it glows. You can choose to dye all your hair, or just apply neon highlights that play on contrasts. The inspired use of vibrant colour might be just what you need to bring a fresh and optimistic touch to the final months of 2020.

Accessories galore

Caps, hats, beanies, and now balaclavas… Headwear will be everywhere this winter, and so will hair accessories. Hair clips in a range of forms and styles, decorated with flowers, jewels or graphic motifs, will be trending, while headbands are set to return in classic wide and narrow styles, in some cases wrapped in fabric or adorned with jewels, or worn upside-down on the nape of the neck. Last but not least, bandanas will also feature in the extensive choice of accessories to zhuzh up the coming season’s long, naturally-styled cuts.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.