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10 Halloween outfit ideas inspired by shows on Netflix and HBO

Squid Game? Money Heist? Grey’s Anatomy? Bridgerton? Take your pick this Halloween 2021 with these Halloween costume ideas.

It’s the month of horror movies and Halloween. October is here, and that means one thing: time to play dress-up. Long gone are the days to dress up like a nurse, Cat Woman, or with little devil horns. Now, it’s all about pop culture and dressing up as characters from your favourite shows. 

If you need some inspiration, here are ten Halloween outfit ideas inspired by our favourite shows. Get creative, get costumed, get crazy. 

[Hero and featured image credit: Elite via Netflix]

1 /10

Yes, of course, Squid Game is first on the list. This Korean series is all the rage right now, and we are living for it. What better way to celebrate this global phenomenon than to dress like one of the players? Get these green-coloured sweatpants and become player 457. Red light, green light, dress right. 

Pair with: an old white t-shirt (draw your number on it), and a matching green hoodie/jacket 

2 /10

Always wanted to be a part of the Money Heist crew? This is your chance. Show up at your Halloween event in this bold and badass red Gucci Jumpsuit and introduce yourself as ‘Bangkok’ (or any other city of choice). If you want to go all out, maybe have Bella Ciao playing in the background as your entry song. 

Pair with: a Money Heist mask 

Girl From Nowhere has really gone somewhere. The clothing featured in the award-winning Thai drama may not be anything special, but it sure is perfect for Halloween. Instead of a basic white school shirt, here is a trendy take on the school uniform. To freak people out, maybe keep appearing and disappearing from the party.

Pair with: a black bowtie, a black skirt 

4 /10

Are the Regency era and Boudoirs more your thing? If yes, what better than dressing up like you’re on the set of Bridgerton? Perhaps you’ll find your Duke while you’re slaying in this sexy one-piece that looks like a contemporary version of something Daphne would wear.

Pair with: long, white gloves

Netflix Original Chilling Adventures of Sabrina screams “Halloween.” In this coming-of-age dark fantasy horror, it’s pretty much the festival of Samhain all the time. If you want to fully embrace the authenticity of Halloween, opt for this shirred burgundy dress that makes the perfect Sabrina, but can also be worn to future events. 

Pair with: black leggings, a black hairband

6 /10

All the people on the Netflix Spanish hit teen drama Elite are so beautiful, and their uniforms are pretty cool, too. Just like all the fashionistas on the show add their own twist to the traditional school uniform, you can do the same with this navy blue blazer with gold finishings.

Pair with: a red tie, a white buttoned shirt, a navy blue skirt 

Although dressing up as a nurse might be last season, dressing up as a doctor on Grey’s Anatomy is definitely trendy. Rather than a basic, long, white doctor’s coat – go for Galvan London’s ellipse cutout blazer. After Halloween, you can still slay in this designer piece pretty much anywhere and everywhere. 

Pair with: blue scrubs, a stethoscope 

8 /10

Outer Banks

This is probably one of the easiest, if not the easiest, outfits to put together. If you don’t want to spend much this Halloween, just invest in a bandana and throw some tropical clothing on. With a John B-inspired bandana and perhaps a floral t-shirt, you’re a certified Outer Banks Kook. 

Pair with: bikini/beachwear, denim shorts 


The British period crime drama Peaky Blinders has become somewhat of a global phenomenon. The iconic Tommy Shelby flat cap is worn by fans all over the world. Peaky Blinder fan or not, this Maison Michel navy-coloured hat makes for a good Halloween accessory, but also adds a touch of sophistication to your non-Halloween looks. 

Pair with: long black coat, a suit 

Although the show ended years ago, the hype around Game of Thrones lives on, especially with the prequel coming out soon. If you’re a #thronie, consider dressing up as Khaleesi this Halloween 2021. Out of her many looks, the ‘white dress’ is probably one of the most well-known ones. Halloween aside, this dress is stunning. 

Pair with: a white cape 

10 Halloween outfit ideas inspired by shows on Netflix and HBO

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