Could you imagine the stomach-sinking feeling of losing your passport while travelling abroad? The beads of sweat that throb to your skipping heart palpitations? The nervous blinking and the anxious laughter as you scramble for an embassy address?

It’s not quite like losing your credit card (call your bank), your house key (call your locksmith) or your phone (well, still kind of annoying). Losing or misplacing your passport can cause a panic unlike nothing else, especially when you’re far away from the comfort and the familiarity of your home. And yet, whilst we keep our cards in our wallets and our keys in our bags and our phones in our pockets or glued to our hands, passports haven’t been given the same kind of protective priority. Until recently.

In recent years, many big fashion and leather goods brands have started paying tribute to the ultimate travel essential, by releasing a range of passport holders. They’ve evolved from being mere protective cases for the document to making style statements of their own, speaking for the high life jetsetter and the globetrotting business man or woman.

With autumn holidays coming up soon and the festive season lurking around the corner, we’ve put together a list of the most stylish passport holders of the minute. Like a VIP version of a wallet, besides a passport, these can hold everything from tickets and receipts to credit and lounge membership cards. Find the one you’ll be taking onboard your next flight, as you’ll definitely be turning heads (the good way) the next time you slip your passport across the counter at the check-in desk.

Hero and Featured Image Credits: Louis Vuitton