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4 places to get your hard-to-find sneakers

Finding good shoes that are not sold overpriced is a task within itself. Finding sneakers that come in limited numbers and are not sold overpriced is a whole new challenge. Here’s where you should try your luck.

As sneakers increase in popularity, it is also getting more difficult to find the shoes you like. Getting sneakers from big brands like Nike or Adidas can feel like an impossible task. Their drops are early in the morning and are sold in record time. 

However, when the sneakers you like can’t be found, you can always look for resellers. Here’s a list of some of our favourites in Bangkok that also sell at a reasonable price. See if you can find your hard-to-find sneakers here.

[Hero Image Credit: 24 Kilates via Facebook; Featured Image Credit: Atmos via Facebook]


With many brands under their belt, 24 Kilates is one of the stores that have been selling hard-to-find sneakers. This brand not only sell shoes but also apparel, accessories, and more.  Make sure you can find the shoes that you like by following them on their socials and looking through their website. 24 Kilates are also able to fix up your worn-down shoes or even customise the ones you love the most through their 24 Kraftlab Project, too.

[Image Credit: 24 Kilates via Instagram]

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With new drops nearly every day, Atmos is one of the most well-known shoe stores within Thailand. The international store is popular all over Asia. They resell shoes at a most reasonable price. Their drops are usually on their website, though if you follow them on Instagram, you will be notified of their releases. It is advisable to keep their notifications on, so you can get your hand on your favourite pair first. IN addition to reselling sneakers, Atmos also have their own clothing line.

[Image Credit: Atmos via Instagram]

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This sports-fashion retailer makes sure that their customers can find exactly what they want both in stores and online. The leading retailer sells shoes from brands like Nike, Adidas, and Vans to name a few. Though the rare sneakers are harder to find at JD Sports, they do still make an appearance occasionally. Like the other store, JD sports also offer a variety of their own products, and a lot of products that protect your shoes. JD sports is always the safe choice when looking for your shoes, and they often have great sales and discounts, too.

[Image Credit: JD Sports via Facebook]

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This Bangkok brand makes sure their customers are getting the best experience. You probably know Carnival from their recent collaboration with the very popular phone case brand Casetify. They are one of the up and coming retail stores, selling apparel, footwear and so much more. They also happen to be one of the best places to get hard-to-find sneakers. To get their most recent updates, you should turn on their post notifications. You will find yourself looking not only at their resales but also their own products.

[Image Credit: Carnival via Instagram]

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