There are so many benefits of buying second-hand. Of course, we all love the more wallet-friendly prices for luxury branded items. 70 percent off a Chanel boy bag? Sold. But buying pre-owned items that are still in good shape can also really help save the planet. Every year, tons of waste fabrics and used clothing are thrown into landfills, creating an unbelievable amount of carbon emissions. Shopping second-hand means we keep these items in use, and selling your unwanted pieces is definitely a better alternative to throwing them away. 

But, yes, who doesn’t also love a good bargain? With social media platforms and Bangkok’s super efficient delivery systems (thank you, Instagram, Line, and Grab), it’s never been easier to buy and sell your unwanted designer pieces. However, we find that in order to strike the best deals, it’s always best to form friendly relationships with the people on the other end. That’s why we’ve chosen these five Instagram stores as the best places to buy second-hand designer brands. Not only do they have some of the largest stocks, but they’re also loved for their warm service and personal relationships.

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Upper Fifth

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Upper Fifth is one of the best direct-to-customer Instagram stores for second-hand designer brands. You’ll be chatting to the previous owners of the products on sale themselves, which means you’ll be able to form a friendly and honest relationship with them. It’s also one of the few stores where the (fair) selling prices are already clearly marked, saving you all the awkward negotiations.


Another Shoes Store

One for the shoes addict — here’s Another Shoes Store. As you probably can tell, this Instagram store is exclusively for pre-loved shoes. That means they’ve got possibly the largest range of styles you can choose from, since they receive around a hundred new pairs every day. What’s more, you can also send you own designer shoes to be sold on the platform for you (with a commission, of course). You have to chat with the store directly to request prices, but the wonderful sellers are super bubbly and will often give you some great deals.


Brandname Society

With a real store in Thonglor too, Brandname Society really is a favourite amongst the society of brandname lovers. This store’s got the biggest range in items, selling everything from jewellery to bags to neckties. Prices are already set and clearly marked, so all you have to do is give them a message, and those Gucci loafers will be delivered to you the following day.


Basement of Samantha

With a direct-to-customer appeal, this Instagram store for second-hand designer brands is one of the few with a focus on clothing. With a broader range of brands than most stores (from Issey Miyake to J.Crew), Basement of Samantha is also one of the best if you’re looking for Thai designer brands too. The fully modelled total looks make it an easy platform to shop — and the prices are some of the lowest you’ll find.


The Outnet

Not technically a store for second-hand designer brands, The Outnet is really more of an online fashion outlet. The name says it all, right? It’s also not Bangkok-based, but if you’re looking for a really big range of fresh, in-season designer items at up to 80 percent off, this is the place. Thank goodness for worldwide shipping.

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