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5 best new beauty products hitting Sephora this fall

At the Sephora Fall Press Day, we got the chance to scope out this fall’s hottest lip trends, as well as the upcoming beauty product launches. Most of the makeup brands are releasing a rainbow of hues for the holiday season, from bold colours to shimmering glitters. We are also thrilled to see Sephora launch a series of new haircare and hair fragrances – arguably, one of the best dry shampoos out there. As for skincare, they’ve got an exciting selection of products that’ll keep our pores clean and our face as firm as ever. And here’s exactly what you should buy:

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Tarte Colour Splash Hydrating Lipsticks

As a part of Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea collection, these hydrating lipsticks boast long-lasting colour with a velvet-smooth finish. Made with a blend of algae and marine flower extracts, these lipsticks help minimise the appearance of fine lines and softens the skin. The innovative formula also includes shea butter and olive oil, protecting the skin against degeneration and restoring it with antioxidants. Offered in 24 shades, the lipsticks are surprisingly pigment-rich and vibrant in colour.

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Becca Light Chaser Perfector

One of our cult-favourites, Becca has just released a kaleidoscopic highlighter with an iridescent colour dimension. As the name suggests, this light chaser perfector flashes a myriad of shimmering colours – from seashell and bellini to jade and gold. The stylist tells us that we can use it as a contouring highlighter, wear it as a blush or layer it on top of your eyeshadow for an extra sparkling touch. If you’d like to wear it on your lips too, they’ve also got a liquid crystal glow gloss in similar shades.

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OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam

OUAI has changed our perspective about dry shampoo with this first-ever dry shampoo foam. With none of that white powder or residue on your hair, this foam simply absorbs your excess oils and impurities in your unwashed hair. The trick is to treat it like hair mousse, gently massage it into your roots and scalp, and then finger-comb the rest into your hair. The foam works without water, thoroughly cleanses and adds instant volume. Best part: it gives you that just-washed feeling afterwards.

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Too Faced Glitter Palette

Whatever themed party you’ll be attending this holiday season – Too Faced has your glamourous makeup look covered. With their glitter eye shadow palette, the brand is literally dropping glitter bombs on us. The palette features eight gleaming prismatic shades and two bases (black and white) to help you brighten or intensify the finished look. Get your sparkle on this fall.

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Algenist ELEVATE Advanced Lift Contouring Cream

Biotechnology from San Francisco, Algenist is introducing an advanced lift contouring cream that is designed to firm, tone and reinforce your skin structure. Confident in their product, the clinically proven brand promises antiaging and colour correcting results in 10 days. As the contouring cream is thick in texture, we highly recommend moisturising your skin with serum before application.

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