The lines between conventional men’s and women’s clothing have been blurred — and rightfully so. Here’s where you can shop and order unisex clothing and genderless brands in Thailand.

From societal norms to traditional expectations, there are a lot of things that have confined people from fully expressing themselves. Clothing is also one of these things. However, it’s not always so black and white, and luckily many fashion brands have realised this.

Celebrities like Jonathan Van Ness, Demi Lovato and Harry Styles have been huge advocates for wearing whatever you want. It does not matter what gender you are: you can wear a skirt, pants, or anything in between. The only thing that matters is how comfortable you are.

Androgynous or unisex clothing has started to make its way to Thailand. With multiple Thai designers embracing the spirit of genderless attire, here’s where you can shop these collections below.

[Hero/Feature Image: Painkiller Atelier via Facebook]


W’menswear has been around for quite a long time now, and is challenging stereotypical gender roles through its collections. One of their newest lines is entitled ‘Good ‘Ol Whats-her-face’, and is produced with up-cycled, vintage, or small business fabrics. Produced in Bangkok, this line aims to take proceeds from sales and also help people impacted by the pandemic. Unisex clothing with a cause.

[Image Credit: W’menswear via Facebook]

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This minimalistic clothing brand makes sure to utilize the things around them. Their new collection, ‘Dawn to Dusk’, is made with 100% handwoven cotton and deadstock fabric. Making sure to use eco-friendly production methods, Seeker x Retriever is beloved by the local community. Their clothing represents a simpler way of life, reflected in their simple and relaxed designs. Their belief is that clothing should not define you, and there should not be any limitations for what you can wear.

[Image Credit: Seeker X Retriever via Facebook]

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Unapologetically bringing in a vast variety of colour, Wonder Anatomie tries to bend all the rules of fashion. This rebellious fashion brand is helmed by Thai designer Chalermiat ‘Pop’ Khatikasamlert, and is known for its detailed design and patterns. For those with a carefree and fun spirit, this one’s for you.

[Image Credit: Wonder Anatomie via Facebook]

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Established in 2012 by Nattapon Kanokvaleewong, Leisure Projects is inspired by the designer’s daily encounters with art, music, and travel. The brand unapologetically mixes styles and draws inspiration from many things around them, and makes it a fun choice for unisex clothing. Their new Spring/Summer 2021 collection “Thalassophile” makes use of different materials, patterns, and colours.

[Image Credit: Leisure Project]

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Painkiller Atelier aims to tell a story through its clothing. Their new Spring/Summer 2021 collection “Live Ride Love”, aims to revive the traditional western cowboy look. They embrace the traditional details like piping and fringe and try to modernise them.  They aim to make sure the people wearing their clothes are “ready to bravely fight the villains and obstacles of everyday life.” An empowering collection for an empowered individual.

[Image Credit: Painkiller Atelier via Facebook]

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