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6 boots to daydream about while we wait for the holidays to arrive

We’re almost at the end of the year already, and while the sun still shines bright on Bangkok’s streets, colder winter breezes start to hit the towns in the other part of the world. That’s why the idea of jetting off to a wondrous winter destination can be quite stirring. And guess what – the holiday season also marks a prime time for us to bundle up in furry, cosy outfits!

In addition to leather jackets and knit scarves, winter boots can help wrap up your style like no other. Whether you’re escaping to a snowy village or strutting down the city streets in one of the European capitals, here’re some stylish designer boots to make sure you brave the cold in style.


Chanel’s Silver Boots
Image credits: Pinterest

Nothing says winter quite like silver boots, and this pair of Chanel Laminated Goatskin Silver (THB 45,000) makes for a cool statement this season. Crafted from goatskin, these boots give your winter outfits a modern edge, with a metallic finish that lends just a right amount of gleam and texture. If you’re looking for ways to throw a fresh spin on your favourite outfits, these kicks are sure to be your quick fix.

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Roger Vivier’s Cowboy Boots
Image credits: Instagram

Combat boots have made a resurgence this holiday season — just in time for us to stomp on freshly fallen snow. Their masculine silhouette can instantly lend a rebellious, powerful hint to your outfit. We absolutely adore these Roger Vivier Viv Rangers Strass Buckle boots (THB 73,000), which offer a balance between elegance and practicality. Adorned with buckles and velvet laces, their embellishments also add a feminine twist to their bold style. 

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Balenciaga’s Knife Boots
Image credits: Pinterest

Who says you have to pick between stilettos and a killer pair of boots? With a pointy-toe silhouette and hot-pink shade, these  Balenciaga Knife Booties (approx. THB 42,600) will make you stand out from the crowd. An immediate outfit marker, they can be paired with a dose of shine or a vivid hue, and all the better when everything is mixed all at once.

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Maison Margiela’s Transparent Boots
Image credits: Pinterest

Since Chanel introduced the see-through boots to the world of fashion, they have elevated their status from the seasonal to style staple. Maison Margiela also embraced the trend this season by launching these MM6 transparent boots (THB 24,900), and of course, they do not by any means disappoint. With black leather lining, the boots are perfect for an edgy holiday look.

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Salvatore Ferragamo’s High Boots
Image credits: Pinterest

Trends come and go, but a classic pair of white leather boots stays around forever. You will appreciate the versatility of these Salvatore Ferragamo Mirror Heel Boots (THB 64,900) that complement just about any outfit. Not to mention, the gold heels will ultimately take you to glamorous new heights, too.

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Miu Miu’s Sock Boots
Image credits: Instagram

You’re probably familiar with sock boots, especially with celebrities like Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid rocking them on the regular. If you haven’t dipped into the trend just yet, this pair of Miu Miu Sock Detail Knee-Length Boots (approx. THB 30,000) is a perfect way to try this winter. A hybrid between sporty socks and heeled boots, these kicks will keep you cosy and sexy, with their stretchy hugging effect.

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Hero Image Credits: Pinterest; Featured Image Credits: Pinterest

6 boots to daydream about while we wait for the holidays to arrive

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